So, I like to do everything! I knit, crochet, paint, photograph, print, sculpt, throw…..if it is an art, I love to do it, and I will try to learn everything about it. Right now my obsession is knitting, and of course photography (it has to be since I’m working my way at making a living out of it!) hmm…what else…I have two cats and a dog….they are awesome children, and you will see lots of pictures of them…so be ready!!

So, my first project I have done for Errant Easel was my first knitted hat! It was knitted in the round, and had lots of fun cables! I took a few pictures of it, and of me wearing it! man is it hard to take a picture of yourself!! I may post some of the pictures before I got a good one….they’re pretty funny.

So my next project is going to be a pair of socks. Recently I successfully made a sock, and though I was extremely excited about finishing it, it didn’t fit the way I wanted it, so I am making a sock just for me!! So for this project I am knitting my first gauge….I am typically a lazy knitter, and I skip that part…but…I think I have to if I was my socks to fit perfectly!!! So…I am breaking down and knitting a swatch….it’s curled on the sides because I have to do a faux in the round….I forgot to take pictures of that…but I will post finished swatch pictures!
I never work on one project at once so, along with the socks, I am trying to find a simple Fair Isle pattern to learn from….I’m thinking a cowl or maybe a coffee sleeve….I’m really nervous about the Fair Isle…but I will make it my bitch I assure you!!!! (scuse my french….;))
So…I think that’s all for now…I’m super excited about the launch of Errant Easel, and I will prolly post a million things this week….haha!!

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