Painting Bram

There are a variety of mediums I enjoy working in (linoleum, paint, pencil, computer, etc), but for my first public critique I have chosen to showcase a portrait I recently completed for a friend (and because I know you are asking yourself, “I wonder if she works on commission?” the answer is yes, yes I do and feel free to contact me).

I choose to work in acrylic paint.  For one, it’s easier to clean than oil paints.  All you need is soap and water and BOOM! you are good to go.  Secondly, I am also an art teacher and prefer to work in materials that  my students will be able to work in as well.

Entitled Bram, this portrait is based on a provided image.  I tend to paint in a more expressionistic  style – visible brush strokes, thicker application of paint – because I believe if a painting is what you  want, it should look like a painting.  if you are looking for a photo-realistic painting, why not just have the picture  printed on canvas?  I also freely admit that I do not have the patience yet for photo realistic people – I admire those out there that can paint or draw with such detail.  My aesthetic has always been more rough I guess.  To each their own right?

The background is a mixture of phtalo green and french blue that I blended on the canvas.  Because  Bram’s mom is a fan of architecture, I wanted to incorporate some vertical lines and circles, both empty  and filled, as a nod to her.  A few slightly angular shapes were used as well for balance.

I felt that this piece was a success.  The best part was that Bram  recognized himself when he saw it.  Nothing could have pleased me more than seeing him and his  mother enjoying the finished product.

My next piece, after one more portrait for a friend, will be more of an experiment involving t-shirts, plywood, and paint.  Excited yet?  I know I am!

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