Pleased to meet you!

I am so excited to be in such good company on the recently initiated Errant Easel project. By day I work as a lab technician and at night I work toward (procrastinate) finishing my Masters in Public Health. In the downtime, I knit simple projects, read British mysteries and steampunk, and hang out with my brilliant friends, encyclopedic husband, and bossy cat.

Because I am looking to experience personal growth and to take creative strides here at the Errant Easel, I will hopefully be detailing a variety of endeavors. I am most comfortable with writing, crocheting, and knitting but plan to push myself out of this comfort zone by taking a variety of arts and crafts classes as the opportunities arise. A few areas I am interested in experiencing include painting, printmaking, drawing, jewelry making, sewing, spinning yarn, (I could go on and on and on). I love to learn and can not wait share my experience with you.

My (now not so) secret ambition is to write the steampunk story that has been drifting through my head for the past year or so. So be prepared for a lot of character sketches, short stories, and procrastination. I welcome your feedback an look forward to interacting with you. I know I’ll learn a lot and hopefully spark some fun discussion.

Pictured left: Cryptotox experimenting with balance in her scientific and creative endeavors.

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