Flowers from the Forge

On a recent outing to Michael’s, I found myself searching the bead and jewelry making aisles for crafty inspiration. This hasn’t always been a winning strategy as the first time I seriously tried to pick out the perfect beads for a project I spent nearly an hour matching and rematching, only to give in to indecision, abandon all the candidates, and buy nothing. Thankfully, I have since reevaluated this method and the the artificial world ending consequences of unwise craft supply purchases. I’ve found that it’s much more helpful to have a variety of beading necessities on hand and to just buy the beads and other components that I like as I go and finding inspiration in my own small stash.

When I found this flower shaped filigree set in copper, brass, and gunmetal I immediately saw this pair of earrings. I really enjoy the combination of natural influences and antiqued looking metal. I decided to add a pair of pearls and two copper beads to the top to add to the vintage feel I sought. I also thought the filigree flower needed the metal and bead equivalent of pistils or stamens so I suspended green bead in the filigree using a matching head pin from my stash to add a little color.

As my first set of earrings, this was such a simple and fast project with such a rewarding result. In the future I am going to practice working and bending the wire until I am happier with the resulting shape and stability of the project. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my first attempt!

20110714-070141.jpg Photo Credit: Studio D3Z

20110714-070150.jpg Photo Credit: Studio D3Z

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