Swatch dominated

So, I decided to blog from my phone tonight, I’m just feeling that lazy…so if there are some crazy words in this post like; lobe instead of love…it’s because 1. I didn’t read over it before I published…or 2. I read over it and thought it sounded too funny to take out….and onto the gauge I made for my socks…
It was boring….it seemed tedious…but I am finally finished!! Adam asked me “now what”….I told him “well…it will make a good rug for Hiro’s house”….(Hiro’s one of our cats….and I’ll post pictures of him and his house later seems as if I can only post one picture on the phone)
I then explained the real reason for this swatch….as Adam’s eyes glazed over I told him it will help me know how many stitches per inch I make using a size US 1 needle…from there I do some math (which I have to refer to my helpful website for) and voila! I get the number of stitches I cast on with….seems like a lot of work right now, but when I am skipping around Town in only these socks because of how liberating they are…I will be happy I did it!…I think the heavens might open up…i hear that happens sometimes…
So tomorrow…I’ll prolly write something about Math…I promise you…and I also promise, it won’t be pretty….
Well I’m off to continue my quest to knitting enlightenment…I may start a Fair Isle cowl…don’t worry…I’ll tell you all about it!!



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