Back to Basics

So, last night, the Errant Easel had it’s first work shop, taught by the lovely Staci! She gave us the low down on how she’s paints!  Recently I have been getting back into painting for a potential job…but it requires nothing but acrylic paintings for the resume…and I don’t have much experience with acrylics, aside from pointillism, so I needed help! Staci uses acrylics quite often and it’s what she teaches with, and I felt like I learned a lot from her last night!  So, this painting you see the pictures of, is still in the beginning stages, and it’s mostly experimental, so don’t judge me too harshly! Since falling in love with 3D art like ceramics and knitting, and photography (not 3D, but more hands on) I don’t draw or paint anymore.  Anyways!  I think we all had good stuff going last night, and Staci finished her painting!

So, with this painting, this is still a bit of the under painting, Staci taught us how she does a wash first, so some parts of the painting look a bit like a water color.  Today, I’m hoping to add a bit more depth with more layers.  I have another painting I’m going to be working on that I am giving to a friend when I am finished, and it’s a beach scape.   I’ve been putting this painting off a bit until I have “warmed up” sort of speak. If someone is going to get any of my work, I am very particular of what it looks like!

There may be two pictures…that are exactly the same….Wordpress was playing with my mind and emotions…and I decided to let it do as it pleased before I people’s elbowed the computer….


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