Another Sock Adventure!

So I am finally starting my next knitting project…which of course is my next sock! I finished the swatch an did the math, and made a new pattern with my measurements….mad scientist style!! Muahahaha! This time I will actually make a pair! since it’s summer I’m going to make it short in the cuff so, it shouldn’t take me no longer than a week to finish…I hope! Maybe I can finish both this week you say?? I take that challenge!

So after I make these socks, I am going to try knitting 2 socks at a time!! I promised Adam a pair of socks, so I figured since his may take a bit longer with the length of his foot, I would do 2-at-a-time, to help save time…killing two birds with one stone (I’d like to meet the guy that accomplished that…)

So, here it is!

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