Captain America – I’m excited about this film!

Punching Hitler - all in a day's work

With the upcoming Captain America movie premiering this week, I thought it would be a great time to tell you how excited I am about this film.  Not only is this movie about one of the most beloved characters in comic book lore, but it’s a WWII movie!  Not a Michael Bay version of Tora! Tora! Tora!, but a real WWII movie full of America’s number one solider punching Nazis and being badass.

For those not familiar with Captain America: The First Avenger plot, I’ll give it to you in brief as I believe it to be.  Steve Rogers is a weak young man.  He’s been rejected by the Army numerous times.  Finally, he’s allowed to join, but on the condition that he is to be a part of an experiment.  The result of that experiment is that Steve Rogers becomes a super solider!  The serum works – lets pump everyone up with this right?  No.  Something goes wrong, things that I don’t want to go into happen, and the super solider serum is gone.  We are left with Captain America and a war to win.  The mysterious Red Skull and HYDRA play a part in the film I’m sure ( I mean, how can they not!  Red Skull is on the poster and trailer..He’s Capt’s arch-enemy – craziness…)  Anyways, that’s my take on it, and I can not wait to watch it on Thursday night!

So, in honor of the release of Captain America: The First Avenger, I’ve decided to showcase three films set in, or around, WWII.  These films may not be well-known to you, which is why I chose them, but they are wonderful and are really worth the watch.

Hope you enjoy!

The Great Dictator (1940) is really Charlie Chaplin mocking Hitler before the United State’s entrance into WWII.   This film is both funny – there is a Prince and the Pauper flair to it – and moving.  The final speech the character makes gives me chills (even when Robert Downey, Jr. gave it in the film Chaplin).

Here is a link to the final scene – check it out, play it in the background

The Hill (1965), looks at an aspect of war I know I never really think of, the prison camp.  Now, I don’t mean Stalag 17 type of prison camp where it’s enemy soldiers guarding our boys as they plan their escape.  I’m talking where our own are kept for crimes committed while on duty or in uniform.  The Hill takes place at a British prison camp in North Africa.  Sean Connery is fantastic as Joe Roberts, a man who refused orders to run headlong into enemy fire.  The dynamic between the prisoners and their guards – all soldiers in the same army – is interesting and, at time, tragic.

Mister Roberts (1955), like the most successful films, blends tragedy with comedy.  It is a very humorous film that focuses on a ship that is not in the thick of things and an officer that so badly wants to be.  The captain is tyrannical and is constantly undermined by “Mister Roberts.”  The interaction between the characters is wonderfully done and the cast is spectacular.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. D3Z
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 16:14:02

    Oh I am excited about this movie as well! Me and Adam have been watching the Avenger cartoon on Netflix….it’s pretty awesome, if you haven’t watched it, you need to…now!


  2. stacigilliam
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 16:55:39

    I think I will, especially if you guys give it a thumbs up! It’ll give me something to watch while working on my next project.


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