Link Round Up! *Beware…Mind blowing ahead*

So, since I am between projects (the painting and the new sock…which are both coming along beautifully!) I thought I would share with you some of my favorite links! Of course they are mostly photography and knitting, but peppered in there are some other fun sites that I know you will love! Enjoy! Oh, and Thanks to all those people that are reading our blog! I know we are all excited that our creativity excites more that just us!
okay….here’s some links!

Ravelry  If you like knitting, most prolly already know about this site…but it’s one I am obsessed with! Oh, and this place is especially good for patterns from movies!  That’s where I go for all my Harry Potter inspired knit patterns! The people that are on this site are amazing! Most of them see the garment and make the pattern off of memory…they are that awesome!!….hmmm…one day…I will do this…yes…

photojojo This website is amazing!! I buy so much from these people.  This is a very modern photography site, and they understand budgets!  Don’t get me wrong, there are some expensive stuff, but they offer a lot of accessories to meet you half way to the new lens you wanted, or that rare film you couldn’t find anywhere!  I normally find everything I need on this site! They also have a facebook page, and they have really great articles!

DIY photography So, as a photographer on a budget, I love love LOVE! sites such as this one!  When you put all your money into things like a camera or a new lens, you have to save money else where such as studio lighting!  which they have a tab specifically for that!  They also have a lot of extremely useful tips for your camera and photo editing, and other techniques!

Indie Rock Cafe So, when I am working on anything…I mean ANYTHING (cooking, cleaning, blogging, working, photo editing, knitting…etc) I have to have good music.  Indie Rock Cafe is one of the best sources for indie artist of all kind!  I have found so many new favorites through this site.  My favorite part of this site…they make mix tapes of songs….they have had anything from winter music to help beat the winter blues (one of my personal favorites) to now I remember seeing a mixed tape for Bonnaroo.  Indie Rock Cafe also has a podcast that’s always a pleasure to listen to!

Knitting to stay sane I recently found this blog on one of my crazy pattern hunts for something, and right away what I love about this lady and her site….there is a tab that says FREE!….I didn’t care what was free….but I loved it before I clicked on it….I mean I am American….I loves the free stuff!  Well, of course it’s free patterns, which is like gold to knitters….if good yarn was ever given away for free…then that would be gold….but until that happens…the free patterns will do! This is a lady after my own heart! She knits beautifully, and I really enjoy looking at her work, and seeing what she is doing in the knitting world!

Rebelle So this is one of our local yarn stores, and so far it’s my favorite!  all the ladies that I have seen in there so far are all knitters, and I love all the patterns they have around the shop, and of course I love all the yarn they have! yarn heaven.  Oh boy and do they sell everything for your knitting/crocheting needs!  I  have to watch going in there when I have extra cash!! We (ladies of Errant Easel) are hoping to take a spinning class there at some point or another…drop spindal style.  We support local here hard core, so I had to show some love to one of my favorite places to shop!


Well, I guess that’s all for now…there are oh so many more places I frequent on these here internets….but I don’t want to blow your mind completely! I DO want you to come back!


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