Next on My Needles

Look at the pretty colorsWhile I have been busy making some transitions in my professional life this week, I assure you my Errant Easel projects are not far from my mind. Currently, I am working on this Feather and Fan Scarf designed by Joy Jannotti. Consisting of four rows that are repeated throughout the project, this has to be the simplest pattern that is technically lace knitting. I highly recommend this piece as a rewarding product when teaching new knitters about simple increases (yarn overs) and decreases (knit two together).

When I began this piece, I chose a chunky wool yarn in order to add bulk to the lacy pattern, thinking of the cold days to come. However, I will probably one day repeat this project to create a more decorative (less practical) accessory using a very lightweight fiber as I believe the lace would then appear more delicate and intricate. However, I’m sure I will appreciate the yarn bulk of this project come fall when the colors will be more appropriate.

Check back later for the raveling conclusion to this project. After I finish this scarf, my next knitting goal is to learn additional introductory lace techniques. Always looking ahead! I already have a nice lace cowl pattern introduced to me by D3Z in the queue.  Full steam ahead to fall and winter!


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