What’s on the Easel

So it was a quiet weekend here, me and Adam went to the movies and saw Captain America, which was AMAZING! Then we went to ReBelle to get some yarn for the socks I’m going to make for Adam! I let him pick of course, and he picked a lovely light color yarn, that I think will make for great dress socks for work! The next few weeks I will prolly be working on quite a few projects at once to get ready for our big day! Just a reminder, 39 days until we start selling our work!!
So, I promised Adam a pair of socks, so I am making them right now to make sure they get finished! I decided to do them two at a time on one circular needle! Crazy! So, after making balls with the yarn (which was a chore! Both of our yarns got incredibly tangled, and we sat foe hours untangling them…we watched at least 2 movies!) I started working through the steps of knitting two socks at once….and it was a mess!! I’m not very organized when it comes to knitting, and I think I may have to learn…so, I set it aside and slept on the idea…so I woke up thinking, “I’ll find a YouTube video on it”…nothing, most people use two circular needles when knitting two socks I guess…or they do it toe up…not ready for either! So after thinking about it, Adam told me maybe I should learn how to knit 1 sock on a circular first before tackling the 2-at-a-time method…he’s so smart! So, once again, I am putting that method aside. I’ve been “training” to knit using this method for a while…that’s why I learned on double points first so I knew the basics of sock knitting….anywho…so after some cleaning, I’m going to tackle knitting a sock on a circular needle! Seems like it will make a better sock, less seams that potentially make a gap in your work. So that’s the knitting, I’m still working on my sock, and now Adam’s…and tomorrow who knows, I’ll prolly start on another project!

Enough about knitting for now, I am also working on some prints! I already have a few up on Etsy, but I want a few new ones for the big sale! I’m working on a series that will present winter spring/summer (because in KY it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference!) and fall. I started it this past January when we had lots of snow, and I was quite pleased with it, so I decided to go back to the same place and get a shot, at sunset, for every season! I’ve been waiting for the perfect evening to do this…we went last night, but the park was already closed! So, maybe it it doesn’t storm, or, even it it does, I can get a shot tonight! (sorry no pictures of this yet….you will have to wait and see them in 39 days!)

Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough! Time to get to work!





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