My hour challenge

So, my soon-to-be mother-in-law sent me this beautiful pattern for a washcloth…washcloths are so fun, because they are square and typically a repeat of the same few steps…which typically make them a fast project…so after glimpsing over this pattern I was thinking out loud, I think I could finish this in an hour? And if I could it would be awesome because I love the pattern, and I could make lots for our sale! So…Adam Lynch was in the room, and had to challenge me…”no you can’t” he said….so I said oh yes I can! Let me find some yarn! So he set a timer….and when my hour was up, I only had about a quarter of it finished….good thing I didn’t bet anything! Well, I am still going to finish the washcloth, and you will defiantly see this in the sale…just not this particular washcloth though…it’s promised to Kay, who sent me the pattern! So here’s what I have so far!

*REMEMBER*! 38 days until we start selling our work!!



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