A little Story About My Grandmother Holland

*DISCLAIMER* I normally don’t like to get too personal, and especially on Errant Easel, but this has to do with one of my favorite forms of art, and sometimes good art comes from the pains (and the crap) they have to take from “critics”…and I’m so good at telling too much, so why not!

So, let me start off by saying, I love photography, but when I decided to take pictures of people…that is a challenge!  I am great at getting candid pictures, and even better at more of the fine art material….but taking pictures of people on command….it’s tough, and with every client is a new learning experience, and I hope I never stop learning!  That being said….taking pictures of people is tough, and I would go into all of my bad experiences….but I will just focus on this one for this post!

So, My father’s mother is a beautiful black woman of 68, she don’t let anyone tell her what’s what, and she is a rattle snake! Unfortunately, she is not capable of giving a complement or appreciating anything!  Oh yeah….she’s that grandma…been giving me low self esteem circa 1987 (when I was born for anyone keeping up at home!) Needless to say, I avoided her for years, she’s a doting grandmother when it comes to my cousin…but not for me, I don’t know what happened there…but I was an adorable child! How on Earth you could not like me…is beyond me! Hey, it aint wrong if it’s the truth!

So anyways, recently, I have been trying to go see my grandparents more often, and she’s not so mean anymore…they get softer with age I guess.  And even though me and my grandmother don’t see eye to eye, I still think she is beautiful, and although I won’t tell her this, there’s a lot of pride that comes with telling people Dorothy Holland is my grandmother! (the Hollands are kind of a big deal among the community in the area I grew up) Even if a lot of people think I am adopted or don’t even know I exist!…Moving on.  On Mother’s day, I told everyone, look nice! I am taking pictures!  For my grandmother, this is never a hard task, growing up she always had perfect makeup, always had her hair did, nails did, and her clothes were always of the best brands…and even though she doesn’t go through the same painstaking activities she used to, she’s still beautiful! Being mixed with black and Indian has it’s perks!  So, I took lots of beautiful pictures of my mother, and of my parents, and of my grandparents….oh and of course of my beautiful niece who LOVES the camera! (she’s my favorite model)…

So, now you have a back story, moving on to the future! I gave her one of the pictures I took of her and my grandpa together for their anniversary…and yesterday a message was relayed to me from my Daddio….she said and I quote “tell her I am still mad at her for giving me that ugly picture of me”.  So, as always, the way she feels about herself is more important than what her granddaughter will feel when hearing something like this…a stab in the heart.

But, don’t feel sorry for me…I realize that I am stronger now for the struggles with my grandmother…and…well….the struggles with the rest of my dad’s family…and I inherited that rattle snake quality…and I still think it’s a lovely picture, and for my first official photography post, here is the picture.

P.S. This would piss her off by the way….and I’m glad!

Such a handsome couple

She is a Rattle snake, I swear!

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