So, I thought I would share how my sock on the circular needles is going! So some things I like about knitting on a circular needle…it seems faster, only having two needles to worry about instead of 3 or 4 may be the reason, I don’t know, and I may just be getting comfortable with knitting such small objects, but it seems that I finished the cuff faster then I did my other sock (the one where I made my own pattern…which is still a work in progress!). And of course the fact I only have 2 needles to work with is nice, less fiddling around and less needles to get in your way! Another thing I just realized the other night, which is fantastic!….a person can try on the sock while it’s on the needles without worry of messing it up. Yes! You heard me right! Without messing it up! I had Adam try on his cuff to see what it fit like, and it was delightful to know everything fit great!!

Well, as there are things I like…a couple as of now, I don’t like. One would be laddering…most knitters (all the normal ones I assume!) know what laddering is…that’s when you don’t make the stitch between needles tight enough and it has a long stitch between them…and it looks like a ladder! Ugh….I hate laddering, and I learned on other tools how to prevent them…but still not with this technique! On the first couple of stitches I didn’t have it, so I don’t know where I went wrong! I am open to suggestions! Please sock knitters! Send me a sign!
Anyways, another thing that’s happening to me, and I don’t know if it’s just from learning a new technique, the bamboo needles (my first time using them) or the circulars, but my stitches are incredibly lose! I am a…well a stiff knitter, tight but not too tight…so I guess stiff is a food word…I have been working on controlling my tightness of knitting trying to loosen up a bit…but this is too much too fast for me! I need baby steps! Aaahhh! But I am still pressing on! Adam WILL GET SOCKS!
So far that’s about all…I am now working on the leg in a knit 3 pearl 1 pattern for an extra stretch that will still huh the leg snuggly….and I am looking forward to doing the heel! It should be lots of fun!
So without further ado….here’s how it looks!!





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