Getting Organized

I dusted off the sewing machine today and made magic happen…I finally decided to make some bags for my knitting work! Waking up every morning and having to ball my yarn back up because kitties had a midnight rendezvous with them started to not be cute anymore! So it took me a few hours, but I made 5 bags!! Yes I said it: 5 BAGS! I made my own patterns using this book “Sew What! Bags”. It fives you a basic outline of a pattern and you alter it for whatever size you need. It’s a great book especially if you have sewn for a while and want to delve into making your own patterns, this book will help you understand how to go about doing that! So, I decided to not make my own pull strings, and all I have right now is this awesome polka dotted lace…but it doesn’t quite match everything, so I am looking for other lace (I stopped by Wal-Mart which is down the street…and their craft section is awful and bare! Such a disgrace!) so tomorrow I will be heading to some real craft stores and hopefully have better luck! So enjoy the bags!




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