Star Wars on Blu Ray – You Knew This Post Was Coming

Original Trilogy Box Set Art

Well, in two hours Star Wars will be released in its entirety on Blu-Ray.  I have discussed this with friends at great lengths over the last few weeks and I’m still unsure how I feel about this.  Logically, I agree that George Lucas has brought us so much awesome, and that these are his films and that he can do whatever he likes with them.  Like any artist, he can go back and re-work on his pieces as much as he likes.  But just like any artist, there comes a time when you just have to stop.

Now that the logical reason is out of the way….WHY GEORGE?!  WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE AWAY ALL THE AWESOME!!! DARTH VADER DOES NOT YELL “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”  Whew!  I feel a little better now.  I want to see my all time favorite movies in all their Hi-Def glory, but I want MY movies.  I want to see through the cockpit of a snow speeder as it circles an Imperial Walker.  I want Obi-Wan to be a strange tint of blue as he walks around in Force Ghost mode.  I want freakin’ Darth Vader to be OLD when his Force Ghost shows up to the Ewok dance party!  I’m sure sometime after the Blu-Ray release, this may happen, and, like with the Blu-Ray release tonight, I’ll buy it.  Only then it’ll be for the joy – tonight, it’s for what I don’t understand but am curious about: George Lucas’ changing, yet again, of my childhood memories.

Still, I haven’t watched the films yet.  I really hope it’s not as heartbreaking as I imagine – then again, I always try to imagine the worst so when it doesn’t happen to be THAT bad, I feel a little better.  So, in honor of all you Star Wars fan who, like me, consider the Original Trilogy the only trilogy that counts, here are some fun films/shows that give tribute to both the films and the fans.

Robot Chicken Star Wars Episodes

There is nothing quite like claymation (or the use of dolls in a way similar to claymation).  Have some really funny Star Wars fans make claymation skits using the characters we know and love?  It’s spectacular!  Brecken Myer’s Boba Fett is probably my FAVORITE version of the character.  His voice is the voice I wish Boba Fett had in the special editions (you know, since they changed the voice anyways).  If you have never watched Robot Chicken, you should at least check it out.  If you love Star Wars, you need to see the Robot Chicken Star Wars Episodes.  Yes, they poke some fun at the series, but they do it as the true fans they are and with love.


A great movie about friendship, Star Wars, and a time prior to the Prequel’s release (remember when we just called it “the Prequel?”).  The plot is simple: five friends are going to break into Skywalker Ranch so one of them can see the Prequel (the Phantom Menace) before his illness takes him (he has cancer).  It’s a road trip film, full of gags that reference the original trilogy.  The action at the Skywalker Ranch is probably my favorite because of all the references to the movies that George Lucas has given us: THX-1138, Indiana Jones, Willow – Willow?!  Camoes by Carrie Fisher, Billy D. Williams, Ray Park, Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen (as a Trekkie and Pimp), William Shatner –  the list goes on.  For me, I could identify with the characters because they are MY friends.  Fanboys is, like Robot Chicken, for fans by fans and it’s obvious.  Even those of you who may not consider yourself  THAT much of a fan will get a kick out it because you know “that guy” (or “that girl” in my case).

Muppet Babies

Muppet Babies in the Falcon!

Next to “The Empire Strikes Back,” my first exposure to Star Wars was during the Saturday morning cartoon Muppet Babies.  There wasn’t a door opened that a TIE fighter or Star Destroyer wasn’t flying around in.  They also referenced Indiana Jones pretty frequently as well – which is why its the best cartoon for children EVER!

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Yes, it’s not a tribute movie in the sense that Fanboys is, but you can’t deny the influence Star Wars has had on Kevin Smith when watching this film.  Cameos by Mark Hamill (the link has some language just in case you are offended – but it’s funny!) and Carrie Fisher aren’t the only connection I’ve seen Smith make to Star Wars.  In Mallrats, his character Silent Bob spends most of the movie practicing the Jedi mind trick and Force powers.  This movie isn’t homage to Star Wars, but it references the films – quite a bit actually –  and is a fun watch.


Lastly, but certainly not the least, is pAUl.  A more recent film starring Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, pAUl makes references throughout the film to not only Star Wars but all the best Sci-Fi has to offer.  Jason Bateman shooting the radio in his car and saying “It was a boring conversation anyway” is just one of the many awesome additions to dialogue from classic films.  Bill Hader quoting from Jaws, “smile you son of a bitch!” is pretty spectacular as well.  It’s a great cast and if you haven’t watched it yet, I would suggest you do so and soon.  If you can’t get to it quickly though, follow my link (Star War Re-Do) and watch Nick Frost and Simon Pegg re-enact the opening desert scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. I really wish I could show this to my class.  Yeah, it doesn’t really relate to ancient Rome – but I could think of something!

Good night all and May the Force be with you – Always.

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