Lucas Whitt

I went to spend some time with friends this past Friday night.  More of that thinking that I was talking about was taking place and I needed to go somewhere different – at least for an evening.  As I sat in the hotel room, watching the cable TV that I do not have in my apartment, I pulled out the trusty laptop and began looking at Facebook.  I saw a post by my friend Jamie saying “RIP Lucas Whitt” – and I stopped.  I just sat there.   Lucas Whitt was a friend of mine – a friend of many.  I hadn’t seen him much since our graduation from Belfry High School in 1999, but when I did I always felt as if it had only been days, not years, since our last meeting.

I remember when Lucas came to Varney Elementary.  It was rumored that he was kicked out of Blackberry Grade School for peeing out of a window when the teacher wouldn’t let him go to the restroom.  So, automatically, he was revered.  He was kind to everyone, did not take shit from anyone including, and maybe especially, substitute teachers, and would do anything for you if you asked.  As we went on to high school and kids drifted off to different cliques, Lucas was always someone you could feel comfortable talking to.  I always imagine myself as the kids who could float between groups in the morning – Lucas was that kid.  It was his personality.  He had a smile that was contagious.  It could even get him out of trouble, which I had witnessed on several occasions in the classrooms I shared with him.  He lived life the way he wanted to and I always admired that about him.

Lucas married the love of his life, Amy, and they have two beautiful children.  While I can’t imagine what they are going though, I do sympathize and feel for them.  When I think of Lucas, I see the smiling face of the boy I met in elementary school and it’s how I’d like to keep him. Laughing, smiling, hugging …. warm.

Lucas wasn’t perfect, but no one is.  Still, I am glad, and better for, having known him.

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  1. Connie Scott
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 19:26:51

    This was my son and he was a very precious man. Staci was right his smile would make you melt and he did get out of some trouble. Its hard for me to write this because i miss him so much. He was my youngest son and i miss him so bad. he left behind 2 beautiful kids Lucas Cooper Whitt and Emma Whitt. One will never remember him. I love you Luke love your mom Connie Scott


  2. Connie Scott
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 14:11:51

    love and miss you luke


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