Music for Your Soul

So, My soul thrives off of music. I do believe if I had to live without it, I would shrivel up and die! I come from a very diverse musical background. My dad and his brother (and sometimes grandpa) made extra money DJ-ing…and they did this a lot! J&J Productions they were called (so 90’s) So much so, most weekends were spent in Louisville looking for new material. They played a lot of venues, one of their regulars being this club on Ft. Knox (the name slips my mind now…that was a ling time ago!) and their normal crowd were R&B/funk group…yes…I said FUNK! You have all heard it! Parliament, Earth,Wind,andFire, Kool and the Gang, Cameo…just to name a few! If you haven’t heard of any of these artists…stop reading right now, got to YouTube and start watching now!! I will be here when you are done dancing around the living room playing your air bass guitar!….

…now that your back!;)

My parents always took me and my brother, it was a family gig, and everyone knew us and we would dance and hang out, then fall asleep to the loud thumping…and I slept good! For a long time I couldn’t sleep without music, this may be why!
As I grew older, partly being rebellious and partly because I love music and have to listen to it all! I started listening to a lot of rock-n-roll! Pink Floyd, Misfits, the Ramones, Elvis, Bob Dylan, the Pixies(love love LOVE the pixies!) the Beatles….and so on so forth! When I met my fiancé, he introduced me to things like Johnny Cash (a boy named Sue…yup…first time hearing that was my senior year in high school) Hank Williams (Sr.) Jerry Reed, the Geezenslaws (not sure how to spell that…and I have been informed that very few do!). Don’t worry he listens to a lot of other music…and he still hasn’t quite gotten me sold on a lot of country…it still makes me angry…but, I do love Jonny Cash, and Jerry Reed(east bound and down! Load it up and truck em!)
So not only do I listen to music…oh no, it doesn’t stop there, I play the flute (please no jokes…I hate American Pie) and I can read music, a kinda play the guitar…kinda! And I like to sing…in the shower…or in my car…that damned stage fright gets me every time! So I am very particular about my music! Music is an art, so I value musicians that treat it as such! Now I listen to a lot more folk music and Indie/alternative, and the blues!

So, I have picked a few songs that I have on my iPod, I just let it play on Shuffle, and I hope you give these songs a chance! These are some amazing artist!

Beatles: Hey Jude- this song is an amazing song, released in 68, you can’t listen to this song and not be touched

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Insecure- this isn’t one of my favorites from the black hearts, but it is still worth a listen to. Joan Jett is an incredible lady, and I love what she’s done for the world of rock-n-roll and for women!

Bon Iver- Skinny Love- this man…he is amazing, and this is one of my favorite songs by him. He has a song with St. Vincent on the New Moon sound track (yes…Twilight…not a fan of the movies, sorry…but the music they picked for them is amazing, and no one can deny that!) called Roslyn. It is a beautiful song. You can get absolutely lost in the lyrics, and melody. You will put this song on repeat!

Adele: My Same (Live)- Adele is fantastic and her voice is so sultry and silky, and gorgeous! I got goosebumps when I listened to her new album 21. My same is from her album 19, and she also does a cover of a Sam Cook song (love him!) that it, I quit, I’m moving on. It’s a lot of fun, she really let’s herself go when she’s live.

Right Away Great Captain: What a Pity- a great friend of mine (Heather, she also is an artist, you should check her out! introduced me to a band called Manchester Orchestra, and I fell in love with Heather….haha! No, I didn’t, but I hear that happens to her a lot, and when she made me a series of her mixed tapes, she warned me that I might!  Right Away Great Captain is Manchester Orchestra’s lead singer Andy Hull’s single album. Every song is a story from a life of a sailor.   It’s incredible!  Andy Hull has a voice like a tortured soul…and yes, that is an incredible thing.  Another en devour by this incredible man and incredible band is Bad Books which is a collaboration with Kevin Devine.  Kevin Devine is another American song writer, more on the folk side, but is also incredible and worth a listen to!  Thanks to Heather…(and their incredible talent!)I am obsessed with this band!

Black Keys: tighten up- this band is soulful/garage/blues/indie, and the mash up is incredible!

Andrew Bird: Ethiobird- Another musical genius!  He plays the violin, guitar, plays his violin like a guitar and whistles like hell!  Recently he covered a song for the new muppit movie called “It’s not easy being green”  and he has done the entire soundtrack for the indie movie Norman.  Another great folk, American song writer!

Paolo Nutini: Pencil Full of Lead- this song is fun, and Paolo Nutini’s voice is sexy!  His voice is very mature,”I’ve  lived It!” kind of voice, and you will be surprised when you see him!  very pretty boy! haha!  But I admire him for his talent and music, and this song is a great song to get you going in the morning!

So, I know this was a looong post!!  I love music too much to ever be short winded about it.  There is so much music I would love to talk about, but I will leave you with this!  I hope Everyone enjoyed this bit of music education!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pearce Hamilton
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 16:23:57

    I’ve got so much love for your taste in music. I’m the same, I couldn’t take life without it! I really do appreciate the fact that you’ve got both Parliament, The Beatles and Adele in the same post, it makes a change to hear someone speak of variety rather than just bang on about how their preferred genre is the best. You need to get yourself into techno, deep house, and other forms of dance music as well though! Check this out:


    • D3Z
      Oct 08, 2011 @ 21:36:42

      Thank you, thank you! I just like to spread the love for music! And thank you for the suggestion, I listened to it and LOVED it! I always enjoy hearing something new. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you come back and read more of our stuff!


  2. Pearce Hamilton
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 04:04:34

    Of course, of course! Be sure to check mine out too when you get a chance!


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