Pot Roast!

So, the pot roast without potatoes was a success!  This is a crock pot recipe that I have altered a bit, because that’s the best part about cooking!  The experimenting! So, here it is:


1-2 pounds of pot roast meat\

2-3 cloves of garlic

olive oil

2 large carrots (or sometimes to save time, I’ll get the bag of organic mini carrots)

handfull of mushrooms chopped up

1 onion (or a half if it’s a fairly large onion)

1 bag frozen green beans (the ones Kroger has for $1!)

RUTABAGA! I am obsessed with this delicious veggie!  skin cut and cube!


1 C chicken or beef broth

horse raddish sauce



adobe seasoning

So, to help save time, the night before, rinse and cut all your veggies, and go ahead and stick them in the crock pot, then set it in the fridge! you will be browning the roast so that’s best to do in the morning.

*if you have a ceramic crock pot like I do, set it out before you do anything!  you don’t want that baby to crack when you heat it up! after it warms up a bit then go ahead and turn it on low.

1. heat the olive oil in a large pan. dice your garlic and sate the garlic in your oil.  This will infuse the oil with the delicious garlic taste!

2. Now the oil should be hot!  salt and pepper one side of the roast, and place the seasoned side down in the oil.  You want to get a good golden brown on both side, this is what will keep the moisture in, and to make it tender!  about a minute on both sides…lift a corner to check, but don’t move the whole thing around, it won’t brown the same.

3. Make sure to season all your veggies in the crock pot with a little sea salt and peppa!  While you’re waiting for the meat to brown, in a small bowl mix your horse radish sauce and any of your favorite seasoning.  I use adobe seasoning, you can find that in the Mexican isle.  If you don’t have it, just use salt and pepper and anything else you like to use on your meats.

4. once the meat is browned on both sides, lay it on the veggies.  I like to make a bowl out of the veggies for the roast to fit in and I try to make sure the veggies surround the meat.

5. pour the chicken broth over everything, and dash some Worcestershire on the meat.

6. spread your horseradish mixture over the top of your meat and you are done!

cook on low for about 8 hours….by the time you come home from work, it’s going to smell so delicious!  You’re going to think someone broke into your home…and cooked you a delicious meal!  The sauce made with the horse radish makes for a very savory dish, and it doesn’t leave a sour bite like horseradish tends to have, so don’t worry if you don’t really care for it!  I hate it, but it makes this roast so good!  If you only have say, 4 hours, go ahead and crank that baby up to high!  if you have about 6 hours…I would cook it slow then when you got home, crank it up while you change into your after school clothes, and if you’re like me and you have to wait on your honey to get home, it will be plenty of time!  Since you browned your meat, it should be finished, and the rutabaga can be eaten a bit on the crispy side, so it’s always a win win with this dish!  As always, if you gots to have your taters, go ahead and throw them in there! But, I think you will find that the rutabaga does an excellent job of having the texture of a potato, and it absorbs the flavor of the roast, so of course, it tastes delicious!  If you want to spice up the dish for leftovers, you can always make a gravy out of the juices, or you can spoon out the rutabaga, add some butter (my favorite is the olive oil butter) and milk and blend it with a blender to make mashed potatoes!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, and if anyone has any suggestions, or you have a meal that you want to be low carb, or a new healthier way to eat those classic dishes, let me know!  I always enjoy a good challenge!


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