American Horror Story

I love horror movies, so I was excited to hear about a horror-esque series which premiered last week on FX.  So, it’s a little too soon to tell if I am going to love the show, but right now I do indeed like it!  Since watching the premiere me and Adam have been speculating what we think is going on…so much so, we watched it again!  So, here are some of our theories…and if you haven’t watched the show yet…*SPOILER ALERT!…you have been alerted!  obviously with me giving you theories I was going to spoil something…but just in case you weren’t thinking…..there’s your alert.


A bit of background:  after getting caught cheating on his wife, Ben and his family move to California…I don’t really know why, the beginning of the show is a bit sketchy.  So, it’s Vivien his wife and Violet their daughter (she thinks she’s Lidia Deats, troubled teen, soon she’ll be a photographer too).  They move into this historic mansion that because of it’s murders is really cheap (such a good reason to buy a home!)  They are only informed about the previous owners deaths which was labeled murder suicide. That was the selling point.  So, they acquire a house maide that claims she has been with the house forever (prolly with every owner) and although to the ladies of the house she appears to be old….Ben sees her as this young vivacious women with a skimpy maide’s outfit.  Ben decides to take his patients in the house so he can be closer with his family…why is that a good idea at all!  So he takes on a patient who is a teenager and has a big crush on his daughter, and he struggles with sleep walking…naked…and starting fires, and trying not to sleep with the dead maid!  As the show moves along, they start meeting more people like this man that half of his body is burnt, and he follows ben around.  When he finally talks to Ben, he tells him the house made him kill his family and warns Ben to get out or it will happen to him too!  By the end of the episode, the wife has sex to who she thinks is her husband dressed in a gimp suite left by the previous owners of the house…and she gets prego!  Obviously she has never watched a horror movie or else she would have known that is a NO NO!  We know it’s not the husband because he’s down stairs trying to light his hand on fire (stupid pyro) and he’s naked of course!  Naked pyro…Oh, and so far, a few of the characters you witness die, they stay in the house, so I’m guessing everyone that has died there…stays there!  So we have a lot of people to meet!  So here’s some of my questions me and Adam have been trying to work out!


So there’s obviously something in the basement…what is it??  When it appears it looks to be human…kind of…and I read in another review that they paused the show and the face looked like a dolls.  I think it’s the doctor that originally owned the house.  and I think it’s what’s making the husband a naked pyromaniac…

The old Southern Bell next door…what is her deal??  I think…she was either married to the daddy ghost of the house, or was impregnated by the “daddy ghost”, and I think she’s in charge of them all.  She admits to killing the e of the house…I think whoever she had babies with, cheated on her with the hot maid…I also think she used to live in the house, because she comments on how she loved the creepy paintings behind the wall paper. ( Constance is her name btw) Oh!  and she stops the husband from burning himself in one of his naked sleep walks, and tells him ‘it’s not his time yet, enjoy the house’….that bitch be crazy!

the grunge kid is dead! while telling Ben about his dreams, he sees himself standing behind Ben with a bloody skull.  I’m still unsure if I think he died in the house or not, but I think he’s kind of stuck there.  Since he’s a fan of Kurt Cobain, I think he died in the 90’s, I don’t think he randomly decided he liked the grunge era…but really, who doesn’t!

who is in the gimp suite!  I think it’s the “big daddy ghost”…I think he has a thing with knocking ladies up…how a ghost can do that, beats the hell outta me!  I don’t think it was Tate (grunge kid), unless Constance made him do it…but we need a reason for Constance to hate the family more, why not by getting the wife knocked up by the same man that knocked her up!

Who is the man following Ben?  yeah, the crazy half burnt man…I think he’s a ghost set out to do Constance errands.  He sets out to find Ben’s weaknesses and to see where he is in the going crazy stage of living in the house, I mean he’s the best to decide how close he is to the edge considering he’s been there done that!

Constance’s daughter…She knows a lot about the house, and she plays with the ghosts, and she likes to tell people they’re going to die…she’s a peach!  She has a connection with big daddy ghost…offspring maybe? careful, she’ll spit in your pie!

the maid…well Constance told us how she died…but does she work for Constance?  does she keep an eye on the house for Constance, or does she just like to seduce the men of the house and is bound to live (well…you know what I mean) that way forever??

Well, Adelaide already told us they were going to die…and she normally knows what she talking about so…we know how this is all going to end…but how will it all play out?  I am doing a review on every episode!!  So I hope you keep up with me, and tell me what you think is going on!!



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