For the Team

The school year is winding down and that means lots of different things, including, but not limited to sports banquets.  Probably not what you thought I’d be writing about on the Easel, but there is a reason: I’ve become over excited in the creation of artistic works to celebrate the team I helped coach.

Yes, I’m THAT artist.  I will draw a picture I think you’ll like or paint and image if asked (see previous post).  For the basketball team as a whole, I’m finishing a print – something I’ll add later to this post when it’s on paper.  Still, I don’t feel it’s enough for my 6th grade team to just get the same print I’m making for the entire team.  There are just so many wonderful kids on the entire team – but my 6th graders are MY 6th graders and I wanted to do something just for them.

Here is that “thing”:


6th Grade Team - as ROBOTS!


I’m continuing the work I started this past summer – drawing people as robots.  I really enjoy doing it and find that I can more easily express feelings in my robotic figures than in just simply recreating a figure from an image realistically.  Crazy?  Maybe, but it works for me.  I really hope the fellas like it (sorry I couldn’t include the “party rockin” ….inside joke).


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