The food experiment part 2!

So I’m a little late on my second week, but here’s the lowdown on how it went!
I had so much energy after only a few days of changing my food! Normally when I got off work I would be exhausted and would come home and prop my feet up and be lazy! Now I come home and clean, cook dinner, I’m ready to go out! It’s been amazing! But, I have splurged…and when I did, it was no fun! One day me and my friend who’s doing this with me splurged, and we were dragging ass all day long! I felt awful, and it was only one meal that I splurged on…
As a personal goal, I’ve also decided to cut out sugar, and I thought it would be really hard since I work at a coffee shop, where I drink most of my sugar, but after the first week, I was okay. I now drink my coffee and my tea black, and no syrups in my lattes, and now when I drink anything with a little sugar it taste really sweet and over powering, and it also makes me tired and a little cranky.
Anywho, I’m on the third week, and by now I feel a little lazy about it, I need to do some grocery shopping, and this is always the time We say “oh let’s just go out to eat!” so I decided to get back on my fitness pal, so maybe that will motivate me to eat better, since I’ll have more people seeing what I eat on a daily bases, I’ll feel accountable! I’ve also been working out, and I want to reward myself by logging it in…yes, it IS a reward! It’s like when I kid scribbles on a paper and says “look what I did!”
In 7 days I am going to Nashville, TN with Adam to see Andrew Bird in concert! We are going to be there for 3 days, so I’m going to look up some mom and pop resturaunts and I’m going to try to be good and diligent while we are gone! I’m going to have to pack some snacks for the trip as well, so fast food is not an option! Any one have any suggestions on what we should do or where we should go, let me know! I am so so excited! There will defenantly be a lot of posting after all the festivities! Also! The EE girls are getting together this Friday for a tea and a celebration of my birthday! Freak out! Hopefully i will have some water colors finished to show off that night. I’m so excited, the next couple of weeks are going to be Legen…

Wait for it…

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