A Thank You – Eventually

Watch out! I’m headed home.

Yesterday was closing day for my school and I have to admit, it was bittersweet.  While it’s exciting to know that something new is on the horizon, it’ s hard to leave people I’ve grown to care for and love.  The same is happening in my life outside of school (read the past posts for an idea).  Seven years in a relationship, two years making close friends – well, I’ll stop now before I send myself into the depression sleep I tend to fall into when sad.  Enough of that I guess…..

Today should be the first day of packing up my apartment, but it’s turning into me watching Adventure Time and sleeping on the couch.  I’m moving out of the place I’ve lived for almost 5 years and it’s a little daunting.  Now, I knew that this day was approaching, but I didn’t take into account how hard it would be to pack up my life at home and my life at school one day after the other.  I didn’t even want to come home last night.  Instead, I drove to Lexington, upgraded my phone, and walked with my friend Sara.  Sleep didn’t arrive for me until 1ish this morning…hmm…maybe that’s why I’m sleepy today, in addition to everything else of course.

Eventually, I’ll have to face the facts as they are, about how life has turned out (not necessarily bad, just different from what I had planned).  I’m excited to be moving back near my family, but I will miss the family I’ve created here in Morehead/Bath County.  I have friends that I love, adventures I still want to have with them, and I am sad for things that could have been.  My leaving doesn’t mean I won’t see the people I care for here in East Central Kentucky, it just means it’ll take some effort and road trips.  It’ll take some planning, but we’ll make it happen.

Thank you to my friends and loved ones for all of the support you’ve given me.  You probably don’t realize how much I love you – but I hope you have an inkling.  I’ll be around, and you should have my number – text me, call me, do something.

PS: Sean and Kirby – you made my night by being at my going away dinner.  It was great that everyone was there, but you two really made it special for me (since you don’t ever go out with us).  I love you both.




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