Print making challenge

If you have been keeping up at home, then you know from my fellow EE ladies that we are having monthly challenges now! Since I have been working on my portfolio trying to update and beef it up a bit, I was extremely excited about this idea, something to keep me motivated about working hard on it! So, for my prints, I decided to do a series of fairy tales based on fairy tales less known, and I am going to stay away from the Disney version of things. Sorry Disney, I love you, I’m a big fan, but we are going back to the roots of fairy tales. So, my first series is inspired by The Tinder Box. If you are not familiar with this story, here’s the basics:
Soldier comes home from war, meets an old witch, she asks him to get this tinder box from this hallowed out tree, she tells him of three dogs he will meet, each with their own chest one with copper, one silver, one gold, of course he takes all the gold, and the tinder box. When the witch refuses to tell him what the box does, he kills her and takes the box. One night he goes to use the box for the candle it had with it, and one of the dogs appear! Oh it’s a magic box! So he takes all the dogs silver, then copper. So, the greedy soldier hears of a princess no one ever sees, but only hears of her beauty, so he decides to use the dogs to kidnap her of the night! Scandalous! Eventually the king finds out, and sentences the soldier to death. The soldier asks for one last smoke, uses the tinder box, and has the dog eat the king and queen and judge and anyone else who would be a threat. In the end he marries the princess. The most eerie part of the story, the dogs eyes grow bigger. So, did the soldier get away with murder, or is he in for bigger trouble than he had thought!
So my first print is of the tender box, I have more plans with this box, so be ready!




Of course Hiro had to help pick colors!

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