Free Art Friday and Moore (See what I did there?)

Free Art Friday – the name describes the even perfectly.  As you may have noticed from Sara’s previous posts, the EE girls (and Brad) decided to participate.   The basic premise of Free Art Friday was to create artworks, display them around Lexington, and let anyone take them.  That’s right, your read correctly – artworks free for the taking!  It was a good, albeit rainy, day.  Fortunately for me I had the help of good friends (Joe and Jp) and the prospect of a sweet Art show by my friend Stevie Moore that night to get me through the 4 hour drive to Lexington and the process of putting up my work.

I had originally planned creating a run of my challenge print, but my uncle invited me to go with him and his family to D.C. So, of course, I went.  (On a side note, it was a blast and I can’t thank them enough for taking me.) Instead, I worked on a series of drawings that had been kicking around my head a while.  I moved away from my robot characters to focus on a solo figure.






In addition to my solo figure pieces, I did include my latest robot character drawing: Righteous Indignation: Age 7 and 31.

There really weren’t aren’t any specifications on where the artwork should be placed.  I decided to hit up the University of Kentucky (north campus) and South Limestone areas.  The owners/workers at CD Central and the Art Part of Kennedy Book Store were kind enough to allow me to display my work at their places of business – they also took an artwork or two so that was pretty sweet!  Beyond that, I tried to think of places with higher foot traffic that might allow for a passerby to see and pick up the works.  Joe and Jp were nice enough to allow me to bounce ideas about where I wanted to put items and to let me ramble, for which I thank them. Sara put her and Brad’s prints up around the University of Kentucky area as well. 

The placement of my artwork at the UK Art Museum (the closest I’ll probably get to having my work on display there).

It was really interesting to see over the course of the evening and the next two days (I stayed in Lexington for the weekend, visiting friends, hanging out with Jude, the usual) the artwork disappear from the various display areas.  Due to the rain on Friday, I had put my work in sheet protectors with card stock backings that had information about the piece and contact information for me and Errant Easel.  Funnily enough, some people would take the artwork, but leave the sheet protector and card stock backing.  While Sara and I posted pictures of the work on display, and where one could find them, on the Lexington Free Art Friday Facebook page, it quickly became apparent that only she and I were participating in this event.  As the day progressed, two more people posted on the site, but beyond that it was just Errant Easel out on the streets, giving free art away.

This event was a lot of fun, but something I think we, as the Errant Easel art group, could do with each challenge or every other month. Anything to get some work out, possibly get some feedback, and share our love of art making.

Artist to Check Out:

Stevie Moore was a classmate of mine at the University of Kentucky and my friend.  He is an accomplished artist of great skill and vision.  His work revolves around nature and the inspiration he finds in it.  In addition to his own work, Stevie works at the Lexington Public Library and the Living Arts and Science Center where he teaches a variety of art classes to students of all ages. Personally, I’m a huge fan and count myself lucky that through classes I have a piece of his or two (but I plan on buying more ASAP).   This little blurb doesn’t do his work justice, but please check him out at the following pages:

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