hitRECord Collaborations

Summer is near an end and I find myself (again!) scrambling for some type of stable footing.  Last year at this time, it was lack of a  job and my relationship that was sending me into fits.  This year, it’s finding a home and starting up some type of stable business/creative outlet for myself.  Along with Errant Easel, I plan on showcasing my work on my own website AND branch out to HitRecord.

hitRECord.org is a collaborative website where artist of various interests share their work and, yes, collaborate to create a variety of products.  You are able to propose collaborations or participate in them.  You can even just put some work up to share – which is what I did this evening.  I hope to one day participate in a collaboration, but small steps.  Please check out my records under the name staciagain.  Anyhoo…..

Here is my submission for hitRECord.org:



The above figure was drawn using Sketchbook Pro.  While I’m not yet proficient with the program, I feel pretty comfortable with the tools and like the finish product.  I hope to eventually use this program to create other such works and have them printed at a local print shop to sell.  Look out Pike County Artisans – I’m coming!

PS: Thanks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his investment in hitRECord.org and his support, along with his team, of artists everywhere.  You rock!


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