August challenge

Hey ladies! So sorry for the delay on the challenge, but as you know, I have been busy busy! Me and Adam close on our house the 28th of this month! So, I have been trying to get some organizing done, and lots of packing, and on top of that, I have been on the hunt for a new job! More news on that later!
So onto the challenge. I have been mulling over what I thought our challenge should be, i wanted to do another print making challenge, but with the packing and moving, I will be losing the space, and more than likely I’ll lose supplies (literally, cause I know I’ll mindlessly pack it away in a box for the kitchen somehow) so i thought we could go with something that would travel well in a bag, something that doesn’t take up much space, is affordable, and wouldn’t take many supplies…water color! Sorry Staci, I know you were thinking knitting, but water colors travel just as easy! 😉 I’m not sure if either of you have dabbled much with water colors, but I had the greatest professor (and hands down the craziest) so I would be more than happy to share some of my techniques! I have lots of paper, and lots of paints, but none of the supplies are very expensive. If you’re feeling froggy and you want to splurge a bit, I recommend you splurge on the brushes. Most paint mediums can do with cheaper brushes, but in water color it can make all the difference!
So, supplies:

Water colors
Water color brushes
Press-n-seal…yup…you can use it to reuse paints!
Blue tape
Board (I think we all have the giant clip boards, if not anything any size board to tape your paper to)

So, subject can be anything! If you want to do some sketching, thats great, or we can practice with some steal life action! No, I’m going to go do some practice…I did dream I couldn’t draw…

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. cryptotox
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 16:15:46

    Challenge Accepted!


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