Watercolor Musings

Last weekend was the first official meeting of the Errant Easel minds that we have had in a while.  That’s not to say we haven’t met up or chatted, but we actually sat down together to work out some art ideas involving watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, and a good dose of wine and apple festival deliciousness.

It’s been a bit tricky since I’ve moved home this summer, keeping up with the artistic endeavors that I so want to work on.  With moving into a home (long story, not going to bore you with it), and finding a job (hello Mingo Co. Schools) taking up the majority of my time and mental strength, by the end of the day I’ve really just wanted to do anything but work towards something.  That’s all about to change and I have my friends (aka home-girls) to thank for that.

They probably don’t realize how much this site, and their contact, keeps me on track.  I admit, I haven’t written as much as I should, but I haven’t been working on anything truly artistic in a while.  That, and I’m sure you are as tired of reading my musings of ruined relationships and loss – I know I’m tired of writing about it.

On the the project…..

For Sara’s birthday, Dez wanted to make sure we got together to celebrate properly.  After spending an awesome day with Dez and Sara, visiting an apple festival and seeing Dez’s new home she and Adam bought (hello adulthood!), we settled into an evening of Errant Easel art making.

As you may have noted, Dez proposed a challenge of working in watercolors.  Watercolor is a medium I have worked in, but not to the extent Dez has.  We did use watercolor paper, but instead of a traditional palette, we used watercolor pencils.  I thought that the watercolor pencils would be a good place to start, considering the lack of experience with the medium between 2/3 of us.

Here are some examples:

Same figure, covering something – soul maybe, heart probably

My lil’ figure – I’ve been using this little whimsy lately

When looking at these images, you can see that while the watercolor pencils are soluble and have the same effect as palette watercolors, I found that the more pencil applied to the paper the better the effect.  I think that this is a medium that I would like to pursue in the future – especially now that I have time and a drawing table (thanks Uncle Mernie!)


Well, lesson plans are needed and The Honorable Schoolboy is calling my name.  Until next time, which shouldn’t be long, goodnight!

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