New Year, New Post, New Plans

Well, as you may know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not come sweep me off my feet.  It’s okay.  I’ll be fine…..someday….

Anyways, it’s a new year and with it the sense of renewed hope that this year won’t suck like the last – at least that’s what I have taken away from the facebook statuses I’ve read since Dec. 31st.  This evening I had every intention of keeping up my workout regimen, but instead I spent time with my cousin, had dinner with my family, said goodbye to my friend/broness Ramin, and sat with my cat Ralphie.  All worthwhile pursuits.  Did I mention the stargazing? No – add that to the list: stargazing. 

This is my attempt to keep up with the posting goal of at least once a week that I have set for myself.  Later this weekend I hope to show you the progress on my painting series and introduce the new figure that I plan on using in my Art.  

What’s that?  You want to know about other future postings?  Okay, here are some ideas I’m tossing about.

 – putting together the top 10 songs of the month that best represent the month I’ve had.

Movie reviews – I love movies and love talking about them. 

Free form writings – letting my other creative interests take over with some free style writing…watch out!!!

And, as always, Errant Easel ventures, artwork discussion, and general ramblings to let out the build up of feelings/emotions I have.

Thanks to all of you that have supported me and the Errant Easel ladies.  This blog is a blast and I can’t wait to see what we all bring to 2013.  Brad and Cryptotox’s adventures in digital art is pretty sweet (check them out!) and Dez is always awesome too.  Yeah, I may be biased, but they are my ladies so…..

Welcome to 2013, may you make it all you want it to be.


And if you want to dress like Lady Loki flippin’ go for it!


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