Happy New Year

Well, I had this fabulous post about my New Years resolutions and what-not, but I had problems with my word press on my ipad, and had to re-install it, and when I downloaded the app again…the post was gone! So, I will try to make this post just as awesome as the last!

So to begin, I’d like to tell you that I always make New Years resolutions…but I don’t tell a soul, and I never follow through on them! For shame I know! This year I’m going to live dangerously and let every one know! Yes, you get every gory detail!…well…maybe not everydetail.
I think the best place to start would be with the typical resolution of health! Rather than a diet or whatever normal people like to do, I am on a life journey to a healthier me! I’ve never been thin, I can’t claim that at all, nor do I want to be! But, I used to be a lot more active than I have been in the past couple of years, and I miss how great that feels. This year I am looking out for Dez, and that means being healthy and happy and making time to do it. So what am I doing to achieve this? Well working out of course, this year I will run my first 5k! you heard it folks…5…K…I like to use the fear of a zombie appocalypse as my motivation for this, and I have a couch to 5k app based on just that, and it is awesome! It’s a slow and gradual work to running 5k and it tracks speed and distance and your route. It’s called zombiesrun and I highly recommend it, we need more runner 5’s! I have also joined the gym, and I have a gym buddy who has the same goals and I think we are at the same work out level. In August we plan to run the color run in Cincinnati! So any one interested, do it!! It would be awesome to have lots of friends along to share all the excitement and awesome that will ensue!
Along with lots of cardio and gym time, I am doing yoga for strength and for meditation, and I am eating healthier!! This summer (now that we have plenty of yard) me and Adam will be growing lots of veggies, and he will be teaching me the art of canning and we are going to try our hand at mini green houses! I will prolly be calling mama and papa Lynch a lot this summer for advice!!! That will prolly be a series of crazy posts to enjoy!

My next major resolution is getting into grad school. I have been tossing the idea around for a few years now to commit to going back to school to get my masters, and just like anything, life happens, I got busy, and got lost on my path. Now I’m back! I took the GRE, and I’m working on my portfolio, and I think I have to have a whole slue of other things to get in (maybe slay a dragon, promise my first born). Are universities in other countries this needy?! but I digress…

Along with my two major resolutions (are we drinking every time I type that?) I have: read 100 books, knit like a fiend, make more time with friends and family, be more organized, wrestle an alligator, camp, fish, experience new things, live! (one of those Chuck Norris must have added…silly Chuck Norris). I may have more, but so far, that may be enough! unit next time!

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  1. cryptotox
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 00:13:57

    Hey D3Z! Completing the GRE, working on the house, and many other parts of your life make you a member in good standing of the Get $hi# Done Club! I know you will rise through the ranks to President with your fitness and educational goals. Good luck, we are rooting for you!


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