Falling In Love with THE Doctor

For years I didn’t listen to my friends. They would tell me, “you’ll love it if you give it a try,” or “c’mon, just once.” I would sympathize with their addiction, promise to someday try it, and move on to the next topic of conversation.  I would be out and about and see the paraphernalia of the addicted and, yeah, I’ll admit it, be intrigued.  Keep in mind, I was never unaware of the appeal, I just never partook. 


Doctor Who was just something I never made the time to check out. Then something happened (Netflix and Thanksgiving break) and here we are today: completely addicted, and in love, with the Doctor.

Now, before you worry for my sanity or my facing of reality, please know that I am aware that Doctor Who is a television program and that the current Doctor is played by the fantastic Matt  Smith.  I don’t harbor any illusions that a madman in a blue box will come and speed me across the universe. I won’t fight Daleks or the Silence. Captain Jack won’t whisk me away to dance in front of Big Ben.

But….for about a hour at a time I can immerse myself into this alternative world of aliens and time travel, love and loss, mistakes and redemption. Like a great book, I get lost in the stories and identify with the characters.  I can see why, for those years, my friends insisted on my trying Doctor Who. It is still nice to feel like I found this on my own- in my own time.

Why do I feel that way? Maybe it’s because I feel that I am finally ready for an adventure, or the possibility of an adventure. Maybe it’s because my overactive imagination allows for me to hold on to that spark of childhood dreams that tend to (sadly) fade with age- I really don’t know why I embraced Doctor Who when I did.  I just know that I love it- and The Doctor!


Oh Doctor! (It should be noted that the following descriptions do not, I repeat, DO NOT do justice to these fine actors or the role they play. This is just me relating in brief…very brief.)
Christopher Eccelston was my first Doctor and I really like him. He played the character with strength and humor – traits all following Doctors have. David Tennant, as Doctor no. 10, brought a sense of struggle that made the character quite tragic to me. Tennant’s Doctor deals with great loss – Rose Tyler for example – and the struggle of maintaining a sense of humanity when one has power over time and space. For all the levity that Tennant has, it’s the slips into the darkness of his thoughts, his anger, and his fight against that pull that make you hurt for him.  Then finally, Matt Smith – the 11th Doctor.

I absolutely love Matt Smith as the Doctor. To me, he’s the best mix of both Eccleston and Tennant.  Smart, funny, better at dealing with his darkness, Smith’s Doctor is my favorite Doctor.

The purpose of this love letter to Doctor Who? On this snowy day in eastern Kentucky, between cleaning and venturing out to see friends, I have been re-watching episodes of DW and it just made me happy. I want to share that “happy.” The companions, the TARDIS (larger on the inside), The Doctor, the historical settings, the jokes, and the hurt – I love it all!

Most importantly though, it’s a love easily shared with others. My younger cousins (16, 21, and 24 years younger than me in fact) enjoy talking about Doctor Who with me and having a common interest. My seven year old cousin is very upset about the Doctor and Rose just so you are aware. I’ve loaned season 1 to my friends- just like Aaron and Graham – Paul too! – encouraged me to watch it years ago.  So if you’re out there and you are wondering what all the fuss is about, Doctor Who marks its 50th anniversary this year. Watch a making of, read other people’s remembrances of their first Doctor (we’re talking Doctors from way back- 50 years folks…50 years!), or, like me, start with the 9th Doctor and the series reboot, give it 5 episodes, and see if you fall in love with the series too.
Until then….
Don’t blink! Be the girl (or boy) that waited! Beware the Silence!
And remember- bow ties are cool!


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