February Playlist

February is an unfairly short month to have so much awesome in it.  President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, mine and several groovy people’s birthdays – just noting that there is a lot of punch packed into those 28 (sometimes 29) fabulous days.

Following the first of the month though, it got busy for me.  A trip to see the Who with two of my favorite people, my 32 birthday, and the fight to complete a yearbook on time have kept me pretty busy and exhausted.  That being said, here is my February playlist based on the music popping in my vehicle right now.    

1. Drowned – the Who   This song is found on the Who album Quadrophenia for those of you not in the know.  For my birthday (as stated previously), I was fortunate enough to see the Who perform Quadrophenia in its entirety and it was fantastic (review soon)!  This song is a spiritual touchstone for me and you can take it as a plea to a person for their love or a higher call of love from something other.  I look at it more as the later, a plea to God/a god/deity for some relief and understanding which we all need in some form from time to time.

2.  I Know, You Know – The Friendly Indians  Psych came back on this week and Psych is awesome!  Also, the Friendly Indians are a fun little band.  Feel free to check out the rest of their tunes, but this is the song that brought me in.

3. Nobody Told Me – Vintage Trouble  This band opened for the Who and they rocked the YUM! Center crowd….HARD!  This song is but one from an album full of awesome.  I think I like it most because I relate to it the most.  Whether I want to admit it or not, I do tend to be overwhelmed by the day to day world of growing older (not up…never fully up).  It’s not that I can’t handle it, but it does weigh heavy occasionally.

4. Maybe I’m Amazed – Paul McCartney/Wings  This song will always hold a very special meaning for me: it reminds me of my friend Matt.  Matt was so very special and I miss him very much.  I could write pages on him, but I won’t do that now – probably not ever really.  Some things are still too hard to share.  Still, his birthday would have been on Valentine’s Day and, while I think of him daily, this month I think of him far more often than not.  He once copied this song for me from an album he had to a cassette tape and I had it until my house burnt down.  Of all the things lost, I miss it the most.

5. Remember Me – Marceline and Ice King (Adventure Time) Talk about hitting you in the feels.  Adventure Time is a cartoon that continues to surprise me as it deals with themes as adult as life, death, parenthood, etc in a way that is touching and still balances them with the silliness a child can enjoy.

6. Easy Come, Easy Go – George Strait  I love George Strait, plain and simple.  I’ve adopted this song as my mantra when it comes to life recently.  Sometimes one has to remind themselves that it’s okay to say goodbye; that not all things work out the way you think.  That failure to live up to the expectation is not necessarily a bad thing either.

7. Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams This is just a fun track.  With lines like “shake your ass, come over here,” how could it not be?!

8. Part Four – MC Chris   I tend to buy anything MC Chris related.  Why?  Two reasons really.  1) he is a fantastic wordsmith 2) he speaks to my nerdness.  The album Friends is made up of all Batman based raps and this is my favorite and the track I listen to most.

9. Bell Boy – the Who  Keith Moon was the most amazing drummer of his age.  He treated the instrument as something other than the backbeat provider it was to most.  This is his song from Quadrophenia and it’s fun and, at times, kinda sad.  I guess at the end of the day I relate to having that person you admired for being more brave than yourself only to find out they really aren’t that different and maybe, just maybe, you’ve surpassed them in some way.

10. Do the Bruce Campbell – MC Lars and YTCracker  I bought this song simply because the name Bruce Campbell was in the title.  If you don’t know, I love – LOVE – Bruce Campbell and his name is enough to sell me a song, book, or movie.  It just so happens what ever Bruce Campbell is in or writes, I end up really enjoying because he’s an amazingly talented man.  Now, while he has nothing to do with the song, it has become a favorite in my song rotation – and my cousin Mari love it too which is bonus!

All these song brighten my day or allow me to remember something/someone special.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and if I can get you to check out something you might not have thought of before, then this is all worth while.

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