Understanding Alliance

Understanding Alliance

While reluctant, to make a fuss on Facebook and about pretty much anything, I try to be a good person mindful of the intrinsic value of human life and how we all find ourselves equally adrift in the world. While some people may be outfitted with a bright orange life preserver, others find themselves with a scrap of driftwood. Some have never felt the shock of the icy spray or the irresistible drag of the undertow. Still, others can barely breath. It is an unfortunate truth that we are not all equipped with equal circumstances. It is unfortunate that some are systematically dragged down and treated as the dregs of society. In spite of this turbulent history, we all are equally entitled to the ability to float.

For days I have resisted the urge to express my views on marriage equality on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, every bold red equality sign made me happy. Each one gave me a little more hope for the human race. I recognized that the discussion was important and our world may be about to change for the better because of it. But I stayed on the outskirts, certain that I could better represent my stance in person. I agreed with those who joked that Supreme Court ruling would rest on the shoulders of those who didn’t change their pixelated representation on a social media website. But then I realized, that wasn’t the point. The point wasn’t to change anyone else’s mind or to force my opinion on others. It was to show support for anyone struggling to swim in a sea of bigotry and hatred. It was to say, “I acknowledge your value as a human being and see your struggle for basic human rights and choose to stand beside you.” In order to be a true Ally, I had to stand beside those fighting for a basic human right and not aside from the conflict.



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  1. Diane Gilliam-Weeks
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 07:37:08

    You go girl!


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