a little catching up to do

I hope everyone is enjoying their sunday! I know mine is turning out to be pretty awesome despite a lingering sinus headache! I spent the whole day with Adam, UofL won their game against Duke (everyone keep good vibes going for Kevin Ware, he got hurt pretty bad yall!) and of course Sundays are my favorite because walking dead comes on! Tonight will be the season finale! I’m excited, but not ready for it to end!

I’ve been MIA from the Errant Easel lately, so I thought I’d do some catching up! So, first order of business, I celebrated a birthday recently! big 26 years old! I feel pretty awesome, and as you heard, we spent some time touring a local micro brewery, which was awesome! West sixth brewery has some of the best beer I have tasted in my life! Me and Adam have been making many trips back there since to get our fill of delicious beer, and recently a Greek restaurant had a tent set up outside and we gorged ourselves on gyros and hummus! yum! we also went to a local bar called the beer trappe. It was nice, but a little too low key I guess for Sara’s husband was falling asleep, and him and our fellow EE gal Staci decided to make other plans. So, we all parted ways so they could do their own thing. I didn’t spend the night drinking myself into forgetfulness like I had originally wanted, but Adam did take me to see the Great and Powerful Oz, and a good movie is always a good way to end a day!

Other than my birthday, I have still been working out…I’m not sure how much I have talked about it, but, I have been going fairly strong. I had a couple of weeks of slack assin, but this past week I feel like I have come back strong, and I am going to start my couch to 5K training! I’m not making any promises, but I’m going to try and blog my journey to my first 5K, the color run! okay, that’s all I have for tonight, I have to finish yelling at the TV…WALKING DEAD!!!

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