March Playlist

Okay, I realize that March has passed and I’m running a little late on my March Playlist post.  The end of March got a little crazy because I was getting ready to go on my Spring break trip – more on that later – and I just got distracted.  It wasn’t for a lack of thought that the post didn’t get put up in time – just procrastination.  So, here goes!

1. Better Things – the Kinks:  Self explanatory, this song is a pick me up and beacon of hope – kinda like a light house in the dark (when the dark gets to be overbearing, which isn’t as often as it was say a year ago, but happens from time to time).

2. Photobooth – Death Cab For Cutie:  This is a song I’m trying to learn on my ukulele.  I’m a little sad I’ve come to discover Death Cab later on than most, but I’m glad I have.  I really enjoy the musicality but the lyrics hit close to home as well, especially with……

3. Tiny Vessels – Death Cab For Cutie:  Now, I don’t think this song describes how I have felt about people, but maybe how some have felt about me.  I can hear echoes of conversations had in the lyrics and it’s a bit cathartic listening to it, not to mention the music itself is haunting.

4. Skyfall – Adele:  After the mild depression brought on by Tiny Vessels, Skyfall is the pick me up I need.  It’s an anthem of standing together which I think we can all use from time to time.  It’s important to remember we aren’t totally alone and Adele’s vocal, plus images of  James Bond punching bad guys in the face can’t be bad.

5. Gimme Some Lovin’ – Spencer Davis Group: Steve Winwood is an amazing musician (check out that organ playing!) which is reason enough to dig this song.  Personally, it reminds me of awesome band moments in the percussion section.

6. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down – the Band:  Since I was preparing for a solo trip to the South, this was just appropriate.  The Band was amazing and sounded great live (see the Last Waltz if you are interested in great music colaborations and Martin Scorsese film making) – totally worth the listen.

7. Pretty Polly – the Byrds:  This is a cover of a traditional English folk ballad and has a fast tempo that belays the darker themes of the lyrics which include: Billy, oh Billy, I’m afraid for my life/I’m afraid you mean to murder me and leave me behind/Polly, pretty Polly, you’re guessing about right

8.  We Used to Be Friends – the Dandy Warhols:  I’ve been doing some soul searching lately, pondering friendships strained or lost in the aftermath of my previous relationship.  Sadly, I’m not sure if those friendships will ever be what they were – in fact I doubt it – but I feel like I have to try and make peace with that realization.

9.  Morphine Song – Ray Davies:  This song was written after Ray Davies had been stabbed in New Orleans trying to prevent a mugging and, like most of Davies’ songs, the lyrics tell such an interesting story it’s hard not to be pulled in by them and the music.

10.  Oh! Sweet Nuthin – the Velvet Underground:  Like most of the songs on this list, this is another musical tale that pulls you in and takes you for a ride – if you let it.

I fully admit that my brief reasoning for including these songs on these lists don’t do the artists or the songs justice.  I really just don’t want to influence or taint your own listening to these songs.  Music, for me, has always been such a touchstone to memories, emotions, and moments that I love to share what I love with others.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the March Playlist.  As always, comments and recommendations are welcome.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cryptotox
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 18:33:53

    Staci, I won’t lie, I’m a little torn up after listening to this playlist. Mostly in a good way. I knew I loved the Dandy Warhols having developed a Pavlovian stimulus to kick ass to them through three seasons of Veronica Mars and I have walked through my days imagining the backdrop to match the intro to Skyfall but the rest of this playlist was new to me. Even Deathcab. So fear not, I will always be later to the musical trend party than you are. Loved Photobooth. Pretty sure Tiny Vessels should be deleted from the collective subconscious for uncomfortable truthiness. Pretty Polly is reminding me of a book I’m reading now that you might enjoy. Yep, that’s the stream of consciousnesses today, lol.


    • stacigilliam
      Apr 15, 2013 @ 11:54:53

      I’m glad you like it Sara- and yeah, Tiny Vessels just hits me in the feels! I’m starting to question whether or not its my subconscious deciding what music I want to listen to, or the music bring up things from my subconscious.


  2. cryptotox
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 18:34:29

    Oh, and I can’t wait to hear you play Photobooth on your ukulele!


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