Beware the Knitting Bandita!

Bulky Cowl

Beware the knitting bandita!

Headband/Cowl Combo




I finally got around to finishing my Forrest Glade Cowl more aptly nicknamed the Sunrise Cowl because I chose to use a pink and purple pallet of Baby Alpaca DK Paint yarn from Plymouth. The pattern is by Linda Dawkins and can be found free on Ravelry.

When I cast this project off the needles, my first thought was “homemade ugly.” It’s rather long and unwieldy and quite frankly kind of lumpy pre-block and weave. Fortunately, after fiddling for a bit in front of the mirror I think it will prove pretty versatile as a bulky cowl, a headband cowl combo, or as a highway(wo-)man’s accessory. And besides, who care’s what it looks like, it’s baby alpaca, the softest and most pleasant to wear natural fiber I’ve worked with so far. We can just choose to believe I have a tremendous jump on cold seasons to come rather than arriving too late for early spring!



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