Can’t Tell Me No!

Spring has finally arrived, fashionably late as usual! but it is here!!! So, that means leaving the confines of our houses, and venturing outside! Time to come out of hibernation and start scratching our backs on the trees people! Me and Adam have quite literally hit the ground running with transforming our yard. Like I mentioned in previous posts, we bought our house short sale, and there were renters occupying our house (more like wrecking it!) and with every wall we paint, or ceiling we fix, or bush we remove, we rid more and more the personality of the previous owners, and making this house ours! Along the way we are cursing every terrible choice the previous owners made of course, but I think we are finally making moves! I have to say, I had no idea how much I would enjoy yard work! I am sore, exhausted, and my laundry is getting backed up, but there is a serious sense of pride when you know that you dug that hole your self to plant the gorgeous hydrangea bush , you cut that ugly bush with the thorns down, you burned that other bush you hate, and yelled ‘burn bitch burn’ at it’s flames. It’s amazing! Funny story, at the bank when I’m telling the stories of working in the yard, I have ladies tell me “let your husband do that stuff”…they walk away, and I say hell no! first of all, not my husband! second of all, why should he get to have all the fun! power tools, and manual labor is no longer just for boys!
We have been doing a lot of purging in our yard, but we have also been doing a lot of rebuilding, and trying to restore our little piece of land, trying to get grass to grow, growing some more attractive bushes and flowers, and we have a garden! Our garden is part of another adventure we are starting. 1. we are inviting people to come grow things in our garden for a kind of mini community garden and 2. we are going to try our hand at canning and preserving some things, and once it gets cooler, we are going to try to create our own mini green houses! more to come once the fall hits of course!

Now on to my next topic, zombie running, or running away from zombies rather! It’s actually going pretty well, the hardest part is still getting up early (as usual). Me and Adam ran together one day, and that was actually really helpful, he runs so much faster, mostly due to his long legs! But, I pushed myself harder to keep up a steady pace. I haven’t spent as much time at the gym lately, mostly because i have spent so much time outside! Don’t worry, I will be going back, I’m just not ready to go back inside yet! So some things that I think has been helping my running adventure; hiking! me and Adam went to the pinnacles a couple of weekends ago, and It was a great workout, it made me feel empowered (as hiking always does!) and when it came to doing my run on Tuesday, I felt more ready to dominate the run, and to push myself harder. Why? I think it’s because cross training is essential to being successful. I get bored easier the older I get. So, mixing up my routine has really taken my workouts to another level! I do feel like I need to rest my body more in between work outs, but it has helped tremendously! I’m not an expert by any means, so I could be completely wrong! but, it’s working for me so far! I also feel like talking about it helps. Recently at work we have all started our own adventure to healthier lives, and we get excited to talk about what we are eating and what we are doing, and that helps, because I feel like we hold each other accountable, or at least I feel a little accountable, and it makes me feel good to motivate someone else to stick to their goals. What are my goals? to be strong and healthy, and energetic! Of course I want to run a 5K this year, and I’ve always loved the outdoors, and I just want to be stronger so I can enjoy more of those things without being exhausted or not having the energy. Like I said, can’t tell me no!
well, here’s some pictures of our house! I’m like a proud mama!





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  1. cryptotox
    May 04, 2013 @ 21:12:05

    Love the work you and Adam have been doing. Your hard work is paying off! Last weekend was a blast too!


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