Mouse Guard Did in Eight Pages What “How I Met Your Mother” Has Taken Nine Seasons To Do


Today, the first Saturday in May, was Free Comic Book Day across the land (oh and this little horse race thing we like to do here in Kentucky, you may have heard of it 😉 FCBD packs the Local Comic Book Shops with loyal folder customers, small children and extended family, cosplayers, and curious onlookers getting their introduction to the world of comics and graphic novels. I dropped by Collectibles Etc. on Richmond Road for a quick visit and to pickup a few free titles LCSs purchase and distribute for free as a good will gesture to the community and to garner interest in new and ongoing titles.

This year I picked up Mouse Guard, Molly Danger, Atomic Robo, and Endangered Weapon B. My favorite by far was the Mouse Guard short telling the tale of an infinitely beautiful and talented mouse choosing from a field of mouse suitors by testing their talents, comittment, and resolve to love her. If you read this love story and aren’t somewhat moved , you must check your heart for Grinch-like shrinkage. Seriously, pick it up if you can get your hands on it and you won’t be disappointed by it or any of the other super cute shorts. My friends are obviously welcome to borrow my copy.


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