Fandom and Corn Hole – Not As Dirty As It Sounds

To paraphrase Simon Pegg, being a geek is not being afraid to demonstrate your affection for the things you like/love. My car, my scooter, my home, my clothes all demonstrate my affections for the movies/music/books/television/etc that I love!



The three images above, are just a few examples of my demonstrating my affection for my fandoms in a very public way. That’s what I like best about what Simon Pegg said. He doesn’t limit geekdom to something specific – it’s just a willingness to demonstrate your affection for SOMETHING!
I’m going a step further to say something other than your loved ones and rather something outside of your norm that you identify with either as an individual or as a group (ex: Trekies). One can be a “geek” for Kentucky basketball, world history, vinyl records, running and so on and so forth. I happen to be a geek for a lot of things and am very happy to share that love through a variety of ways, including my art.
At several recent cookouts, the lack of a game to play prompted me to get the corn hole set from my parents’ house – which no one played – and clean it up. Thankfully, it wasn’t nearly as far gone as I had originally feared. After a quick wash, all the boards needed was some type of design on them to jazz them up (they were just plain boards). After going though the typical board ideas – insert local sports team here – I decided to make Doctor Who boards.
I’m a late blooming Whovian. After years of having great friends (Aaron and Graham Smith, Paul Denyar) strongly suggest that I watch the show, I finally did and could have kicked myself for missing out on something amazing for so long! My impression of DW was previously influenced by very few viewings on PBS/KET as a small child where everything was a little scary. With the series restart in 05, where I started this new journey, I have become hooked and would dare say its my favorite thing. I have shirts, belts, stickers, and posters that demonstrate that. I tell my students about it with the hope they’ll become Whovians as well. Yes, I’m using position of influence for good!! Muhahahahaha!!!
*small cough * Sorry….I get a little excited….
Back to topic – corn hole boards typically have sports teams logos on them. My introduction to the game was at a UK football game, and it seems like something typically played at tailgating events. It’s a fun game if you’ve never tried it. Heck, that’s why I bought the boards – I thought it would be a fun game to play with my parents. It’s just one of those things we just never got into – much to my disappointment. Now that the boards are painted, though, I hope that will change.
So, instead of doing a typical board set, I wanted to show my fandom with some original artwork, therefore combining two things I enjoy: art and sport.
The TARDIS board was free handed with limited planning, while the Dalek board was sketched first. The original villain board was to include a Cyberman and Weeping Angel, but I decided the space wasn’t large enough for them all. I purchased two Disney glazes (All that Glitters and Glow in the Dark) and Polyacrylic sealant to go with the acrylic paint I used for the paintings themselves. Before any painting began, the boards were spray painted “true blue.”
Board starts:
Boards finished:


Now that I’ve finished my boards, complete with Glow in the Dark glaze around the hole and on strategic parts of the artwork for effect, I want to paint more fandom corn hole sets. I have an idea for an Army of Darkness set that I am really pumped about.
So, if you want your love of barbeque/tailgate games to show your love for (insert favorite movie/book/TV show/etc here), I say go for it! I can’t wait to play a game of corn hole with my friends with this unique set. In fact, I’ll probably just drive around with this set, just in case.


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  1. cryptotox
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 09:12:47

    Your mailbox is awesome Staci! I can’t wait to see these cornhole boards in action. Simon Pegg is the most right about fandom. Spreading it around is true love.


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