Meet Norbert

Meet Norbert

“With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
He pulls the spitting high-tension wires down.”

I am so happy with my first forray into the world of amigurumi. He may have large, soulless eyes in need of button-pupils and lack ears and dragon wings but he’s adorable and he’s my tiny little Godzilla. I may not sleep tonight.

Click the picture for the link to the pattern I used by Marjorie Jones, originally found on Pinterest. I had a lot of leftover Paton’s Classic Wool in Nouveau Denim from past binge yarn purchases and crocheted it up using a size H hook.

My mom and grandmother taught me some basic crochet techniques when I was a child but I never really put it to use outside of some extremely uneven scarves and baby blankets. For what they lacked in symmetry and complexity of stitch, they made up for in love and haste. I fell in love when I first found this pattern on Pinterest but knew I was going to have to enlighten myself on higher order crochet techniques. It turns out you really can learn anything on YouTube. Seriously, if you ever think you can’t do something (short of open heart surgery), give YouTube a chance. There are some really great tutorials on Magic Circle, increasing, and decreasing in crochet.

I learned a lot doing this project, it was fast, fun, and rewarding. My husband has already requested an amigurumi Squig and I think I can make it happen. Wish me luck since I may be making my own pattern!



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