Thirteen years ago, yesterday


Thirteen years ago yesterday, my Mom picked me up from volleyball conditioning and took me, still in sweaty knee pads, sports shorts, and a Vikings T-shirt to Walmart to buy Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This acquisition laid to rest dozens of hours of speculation with my friends Amy and Lianne and countless nights spent mining Harry Potter Rumor sites on a 56k dial up modem. I had discovered Harry Potter in the eighth grade shortly after Prisoner of Azkaban came out and was hopelessly hooked. This was my first big anticipated book to be released. I carried it everywhere even when I could not read it and I think there is still a mosquito smudge between two pages from when it accompanied me down on the creek to chop out tobacco. I tried not to read it too fast, but soon enough it was gone and again we were left to rereadings, speculation, and Mugglenet. It was my first real taste of fandom.


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