Sweet Babies, It’s August?! July’s Playlist

This month has flown, and, once again, beautiful distractions have caused me to be late with my playlist of the month.
Visits from/with friends, meeting Neil Gaiman, Alan Tudyk, John Barrowman, Colin Baker, Adam Baldwin, watching movies with family, swimming, trivia nights – when I think of all the fantastic times I have had this month, enjoying the company of those I love and admire, I really can’t complain of time wasted. Sadly, time spent well flies just as fast as tine in general and before we know it, it has passed.
So, without further ado, here is July’s playlist. Hopefully you’ll find something you like. 

1. Kentucky Moon – the Kinks: Any song that references Kentucky has my attention. A song that’s awesome, by a favorite band, that’s about Kentucky stays on my playlists. Kentucky Moon is a bonus track on the CD release of Muswell Hillbillies and is a great, bluesy, ballad. Dealing with a longing to go and see what is in the world, Kentucky Moon appeals to the wanderer in us all – especially those of us who may want to see all the things, but can’t go do to constraints beyond us (economy, lack of cash, unable to take time from work, etc).
2. Annie’s Song – John Denver: This song has long been a favorite of mine, but it’s inclusion is totally based on the fact it was used in my friend Matt’s wedding. Matt and I were born a day apart and, for me, no matter where he goes, what he does, he holds a special place in my heart. Congratulations Matt and Sasha!
3. White Lightening – George Jones: There is a “reality” show set where I live and I’m not excited about it (more on that some other time). I like the idea of a distillery, and what it could mean for tourism, the local economy, but I’m not a fan of perpetuating a stereotype for the amusement of a nation – and that’s what I feel is happening. Anyhoo, here’s a fun song that has always made me giggle.
4. Here Comes My Baby – Cat Stevens: While this song is about a man lamenting the loss of the object of his affection, the title makes me think of babies that are on their way for some special friends. It’s just so catchy a beat for a song that, lyrically, is sad. “Never could be mine no matter how I try,” this is my theme song! Crazy!
5. Ramble On – Led Zeppelin: I have heard this song more this last week than I have the last 3 years of my life, and I couldn’t be happier. Zeppelin is an amazing band and Ramble On is just a reminder of the awesome rock they made.  Musically, it’s easy to get lost in the instruments and the various tones played, but the lyrics are also so interesting to me.  Maybe they are appealing since I’m not exactly sure where I should be?
6. Princes of the Universe – Queen: Adrian Paul was at Fandomfest in Louisville. When I saw him from the John Barrowman line (I was on a mission!), I was so excited because that was my show when I was younger. Add to the fact that Queen performed/wrote the theme song to the Highlander film/show and you can’t go wrong! Freddie Mercury was the man and anyone who thinks otherwise…well, that’s your opinion, but your opinion is wrong.*
7. Home – Sundy Best: These fellas are from my neck of the woods (Eastern KY) and they are finally getting the national attention they deserve and have worked so hard for. I will see you perform at Redmon’s dang it – even if the last two times I’ve tried hasn’t panned out….third time’s the charm!
8. I Like It – Enrique Iglesias: Okay….not what you were probably expecting, but dang it if this song doesn’t make me dance in my car seat! It’s fun, and if I don’t listen to the lyrics about people cheating on each other’s significant others, I enjoy it.
9. I Am an Animal – Pete Townshend: From the album Empty Glass, I Am an Animal is a song that, to me, speaks to those of us who struggle with both being unnoticed but still very present in the world. What I mean by that is, simply, sometimes one may not be seen in the light they want to be but they are noticed and are very much apart of the world. That’s what this song means to me any way and I think it’s a fantastic song on an album full of great songs (including Let My Love Open the Door).  I cannot suggest strongly enough for you to go to iTunes or Amazon and purchase Empty Glass by Pete Townshend.  It’s an album everyone should own….seriously!
10. See Emily Play – David Bowie: This is Bowie’s version of a Pink Floyd song where I prefer the Bowie version over the original. The original has a different, very odd…circus like…break, where Bowie’s has more of a rocking feel. Between the musical changes, and Bowie’s vocals, you just can’t miss with this tune.

Hope everyone finds at least one song you can jam to!  Seriously….go buy Empty Glass….

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