Decongestant Medication Throws Me For A Loop!

I’m not going to lie – I spend most of my weekends concerned that my lessons are not original enough or that I am a horrible teacher.  Sure, there are other things that occupy my time – mainly moments with family and friends – but throw in a head cold/sinus issue and my fears of being a poor teacher expand due to lack of motivation….and medication induced trippery.
As I type this now, I can feel the change coming.  I feel the shift towards loopy and I cannot do a thing about it.  Thankfully, my kiddos are pretty much continuing work but it’s my elementary students that have me stumped.  I want to do something 3-D with them, but I can’t make up my mind.  I’m thinking weaving – maybe some mesh wire forms – who knows?! Elementary is new to me and *aaaaaggghhh!*

I just want to paint my friends as Space Marines….is that too much to ask?!

This concludes the rambles of an insecure, slightly medicated, art teacher that desperately needs to sleep.

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