Daisy Stitch Hat in Louisa Harding Hulda Yarn

Daisy Stitch Hat in Louisa Harding Hulda Yarn

Fall is in the air and thus knitting needles are in my hand. Here is my latest project, a Daisy Stitch Hat using Louisa Harding Hulda Yarn. This pattern is very easy to follow and the project is knit flat and seamed with mattress stitch. The decreases at the top happened to form a nice radial pattern for me, an added bonus to the swirling body. Knit as written, this hat ended up slightly too big for my head but will make a nice gift item for a friend. You can access the pattern (I think written by Hannah Fettig, but I’m not entirely certain) by clicking on the picture.

I always like to learn more about the yarn I use, especially ones given to me by awesome people like my Aunt Jane. Hulda is 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic, and 20% Linen and looks like a hot cotton candy mess in a ball. However, it knits up into an awesomely warm and thick fabric perfect for winter. I can’t believe I let this yarn sit in my stash for so long before using it. Lucky for me I have most of another skein in this color and two in a maroon tweed. Expect to see more projects using this yarn in the near future.

I googled this yarn and was extremely interested to find it connected with the Macmillan Cancer Support fundraiser called HImalayan Hiking Hats. In gratitude to the Macmillan Cancer Support group for their help and care throughout her husband’s battle with lymphoma, Harding published seven beautiful hat patterns, proceeds from which benefit the MCS group in Britain. To find out more about the fundraiser and MCS go to http://www.louisaharding.co.uk/macmillan/


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