2014: Here It Comes

Another year approaches its close. It’s been a good….no….a great year. I could go on about the changes I’ve made, mentally and physically, the moments of realization, the relief of having a job I enjoy, and the meeting of family I had only heard of (seriously, it was pretty amazing to meet cousins that I never knew and discover we have a lot more in common than not), but I’m not.

Seriously, trying not to ramble on this one: short and sweet.

Instead, I’d like to list a few thoughts on what I hope the new year has in store.

The List In No Particular Order:

Here’s hoping that friends – old and new – stay in contact. That I don’t get so bogged down in my own mind that I let friendships take the brunt of my time cuts.

I hope to be more open to the possibility of a happy future. I tend to get pessimistic or stressed when I get overwhelmed. I am going to be better about taking things day by day and not – I repeat, NOT – get too ahead of myself.

I want to work on my own artwork more often. I will make time to create my own voice in my work and find an audience.

I want to spend time with my family – especially those in my extended family that I rarely see due to distance and the exciting lives they live.

Finally, I will spend this year doing the best I can, accepting that sometimes that my best won’t be enough, and learning to be OK with being happy. I wish I could guarantee that there won’t be freak outs or moments when it all seems too much, but I can promise that I will try to take it all in stride.

Somehow, it tends to work out. I hope 2014 works out for us all.

Happy New Year, folks! I’m going to get ready to take my cousins to lunch.

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