My Left Knee Cracks

It is pretty constant.  If I bend my knees to be even with my students, it will crack when I stand.  Should I sit with legs crossed, the movement of that left leg will be, with no doubt, serenaded with the grinding of bone on bone.  If I stand and turn, it will pop – pop loud enough for all to hear.

It can jar the teeth. It can be a relief. It can be annoying.  It can be embarrassing. 

It can be painful.

While I, obviously, don’t enjoy the downside to my athletic endeavors of youth, I don’t regret the events that have lead to my current state of knee degeneration.  I loved playing on ball teams!  Jumping for the basketball, sliding into bases, I took great pride in my performance and would be a bit offended if a teammate didn’t put forth the same, determined, performance.

Ahhh, those crazy days of yore.

What’s even more amazing to me is that my left knee, the one that hurts/creaks/pops the most, isn’t the one I did the most damage to!  My right kneecap DISLOCATED!!  Shot right out of the joint….stuck out the side of my leg like a ball while a sink hole appeared where my kneecap should have been.

It doesn’t pop or creak.  It doesn’t need a hand – literally – to straighten back out.  I am pretty confident that, like Little Big League, the tendons have wound themselves too tight and have created a super knee.  Except it was his arm….anyways.  That’s another post for another day though.

So, I’m sitting here amazed at the human body and how things affect it over time.  I was warned.  It’s not like I’ve gone into this unknowingly.
My Dad told me that someday, what I was doing – playing catcher, diving for pop fly’s, fighting for rebounds, taking  charges – would come back on me.  He gave me examples of his own joints and their soreness.  He told me of others.

I knew what would happen.

Now that it is here, the time of achy muscles and bones no longer separated by sweet, sweet cartilage, I look back with fondness of the games played with friends.  All of it – good, bad, unknown future – was worth it and I wouldn’t trade my creaky knee for anything.

The future of this knee isn’t totally bleak.  I exercise pretty regularly and that helps.  Still, I know the arthritis will set it and my knee will become as accurate a weather indicator as my nose.  I’ll handle that when it happens – maybe with a sword cane. 

Sword canes are cool.

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