Dangerous knitting

In case you aren’t keeping up a home, the new season of Sherlock started last week, and it is not letting me down! I can’t say anymore, every moment is precious, and I don’t want to spoil anything!

What does this have to do with dangerous knitting? Last night I decided to knit and watch Sherlock at the same time…I’m pretty sure that’s either a crime against knitting, or against Sherlock, or possibly even against the great Cumberbatch! You can totally watch TV while you knit, but I think certain shows is a no go. Downton Abbey may be another example of that.

So how did I do you ask? Not bad actually! I’m working on a stocking cap for my husband. Inspired by the new Zelda game, my husband demanded a Link cap! This will be the second hat I have knitted since I began my journey in knitting several years ago. Yes, I have made many hats, but they have been crocheted. I can crochet a hat in an hour. This year for Christmas I knitted our niece Morgan a slouchy hat. It took me a week! I swore to never knit another hat (which I knew was a lie, that hat looked awesome!), but then here comes my husband, a week later demanding a hat! He sent me a slue of patterns, and made a special trip to the yarn store to pick out his yarn, how could I say no! The pattern I settled on is actually incredibly easy (stocking hat pattern), knitted flat, then it will be stitched together when I’m finished. This is the first hat I’ve knitted flat, and it’s fun to try a new way, and I still get to use my awesome needles (a Christmas gift from the hubby!). So, last night I dominated dangerous knitting, and ran out of yarn! This is my progress so far!

Adam said he was going to make a trip to get me more yarn sometime today! And, this pattern is so easy, I’m hoping if I ever go into labor (yup…still no baby!) it’ll be something I can do to get my mind off painful contractions, and to pass the time until we actually get to go to the hospital!

In the mean time, I’m going to practice knitting a little less dangerously. I have a glove pattern,I’ve actually knitted one glove, but I didn’t like how it turned out, and I put it aside and never came back! Well, with these frigid temperatures, I thought, well, might as well! This pattern is a bit more difficult, so I will be watching Bob’s Burgers reruns, and avoid the Downton Christmas special!
Hope everyone is safe wherever they are! Stay warm, and watch Sherlock! But take caution if you decide to knit!



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