When The Ideas Come

Or maybe it should be where the ideas come from….

Driving home is when the majority of my deeper thinking is done.  Those long hours provide a space in which my mind wanders.  It visits ideas for artworks, outlines for writings, plans for work, and the darker recesses where the thoughts one doesn’t want to admit having reside.

Questions are asked, few are answered, and the trip passes quickly. 

This isn’t to say that the same thought processes don’t occur during daylight traveling hours, but there is something about the night that makes things more vital and real for me.  Maybe it is simply because things aren’t as obvious at night?  Shadows change the form of objects, and creatures are hidden in plain sight.  The night is amazing in that fact.  The darkness swallows up what is certain in the light and transforms everything without even trying – it just happens.

By the time I’ve reached my destination, I feel like I have some kind of outline for what I want to do next. I feel inspired. That’s why I don’t mind traveling, specifically traveling alone. Having friends or family with you is by no means a bad thing, but I’m a nearly 33 year old single woman – not everyone can go, or wants to go, when I can. The way I look at it, I can either wait for company and maybe never go anywhere, or just go.

I choose to just go. I choose to go and to be better able to take things as they come. I’m getting there. I still have set backs where I’m overwhelmed, terrified, and just need to have a tiny – TINY – pity party. Well, maybe I don’t NEED to have a pity party, no matter how tiny, but I do have them…from time to time…

They happen, I talk myself down (usually by writing here on the Easel), and start again. That’s the key, I guess, starting again.

So, plans for some upcoming work are as follows:
Use the music I listen to and the pop culture references I enjoy in my artwork.
Create more artwork by scheduling time to do it.
Get back into painting and drawing things I like.
Make more art for people I love.
Write, write, and write some more.

I have goals – both artistically and personally. I will work on accepting that some things are just the way they are and that it is okay not to change them.

The night can be many things. I like to see it as both magical and mysterious.


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