Pinterest Pin Review: German Chocolate Cake

We had a great weekend! Staci had a birthday recently, so the errant easel ladies got together to celebrate! Staci agreed to let me bake the cake. Since I’ve had Lillian, cooking and baking has been my source of relaxation. I give the baby to Adam, I turn up the music, and I lose myself in chopping, mincing, sauté-ing, mixing, creating. I take every opportunity to cook. It’s my renewed happy place.
Staci’s favorite cake: German chocolate! This is also my dad’s favorite, so it made me excited to find a good recipe so we could stop using the box.
Today’s Pin is from a blog duo The Sweet Spot. These two ladies are an inspiration! They’ve worked hard to be where they are, which seems to be a happy place, and they have an amazing blog!
So, there are quite a few recipes for German chocolate cake on Pinterest, but what attracted me to this particular recipe was the story. Her mother has used this recipe for years for her father’s birthday, and the recipe is old enough that originally it was written with stirring stroke instructions. I mean, that must mean this recipe has some back bone!
The recipe is incredibly easy, and the cake is delicious! (I’m actually eating a piece as I write this), but…I completely screwed up the icing! I’m really great at following directions, I can count on one hand when I have faulted on a recipe, and I like to think I’m a genuinely a good cook! What I did to this icing, I have no idea! The end results were more of a soup like substance I decided to pour over the cake, not thinking things through, and it all poured over the sides and off the plate (because I don’t have a cake stand, you crazy)! After much debate with myself, I don’t think I boiled it enough before turning off the heat. That’s okay, it was still delicious! It was a hot mess! But, it reminded us that the best cakes are the messy ones!
Short story, my father-in-law when talking about his mother’s baking always mentions how her cakes would be held together with tooth picks and still falling apart, but they were so good! So, maybe, if he liked coconut, he would have thoroughly enjoyed this cake! But I digress…
This recipe is going to stick around. My dad’s birthday is in August, so I’ll get another go at it!
Thank you ladies for sharing this recipe and your stories, and wisdom!

Some beautiful action shots taken by my dear husband!

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