What IS the “Catch”

Last night, I chose to drive from Cincinnati to Pond Creek after the Reds game (which they won, Go Reds!) – but more on that adventure in another post. Normally, I sing my guts out, but last night I did more thinking than distracting myself. Yes, folks, it was a thinking weekend, which isn’t so bad, but that’s what happens when I’m left with only me for company.
The day had started out rough due to a dream in which I was told/shown by all involved how I have missed or messed up everything. Ab-so-lute-ly everything. Breakfast and Free Comic Book day helped to reduce that nagging feeling, but it was always there, lurking under the surface.
This thought/fear of my dream being prophetic, came to the forefront as I drove the nearly empty highway along with another thought. What is my “catch” and do men worry about that?

I’ve done it myself – looked at someone that is attractive, a little older (30’s etc), and wondered, “what’s the catch.” It has never been an intentional dig, just a question of if this person is so appealing (to me at least), why hasn’t someone else scooped them up? Then last night I realized that maybe some people look at me and think the same: what is her catch?
Well, over the years, I would have listed different things. Some of those attributes I just see as part of my personality and don’t consider them a problem…until I think it’s a problem for someone else, then it’s just their problem. It’s really amazing how turning 33 can change one’s perspective. Anyhoo….
Let’s get one thing out if the way, I don’t think any of us have a “catch.” I truly do believe that there is someone out there that will fit with me and my personality. Still, it isn’t hard to fall into the trap of looking at my age, time spent on failed relationships, and getting into a funk Oscar the Grouch would be impressed by.
It’s at time line that when focus on the people and things that are right in my life: friends, family, new acquaintances, employment, enjoyment of said employment and it reminds me that I have ridiculous hope. Does that mean I will find my Mr. Right? No…like an uncle of mine said, it may not be in the cards for me. But, you know what, I’m open to it. Sure, I’m still a bit broken from the last go round, but I’m getting better.
All I hope is that I’m ready when an opportunity comes.
Don’t worry about the “catch” – yours or theirs. Just worry about the person, whether or not you like them, and go from there.
At least, that’s the route I’m going to try.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mimi Duncan
    May 05, 2014 @ 12:16:01

    Staci,when I met John I had the same thought! We lived in D.C. when we met, and after we had gone out a few times I called every “John Duncan” in the phone book, saying that I was trying to locate the one who worked for Congressman Mollohan. When he took me home to meet his family I felt secure that he was single. And you’re right–there’s usually no catch. (Except of course if he’s married).
    When you find someone as special as you are I want to meet him, because he’ll be a rare find.


    • stacigilliam
      May 05, 2014 @ 12:24:38

      Mimi, you are too kind, but I truly appreciate the comment! I love the stories behind how people meet.
      If I ever meet Mr. Right, I’ll definitely bring him by.


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